pumpkin patch time...


last year we found this pumpkin patch farm, Mabey's Pumpkin Patch. it's in south jordan off of s.jordan pkwy in case you are interested. we loved it last year and got an amazing deal, so we figured we'd go back this year. we were not disappointed. though it was sad to see so many destroyed pumpkins due to the crazy weather. i have felt badly for the farmers this year. anyways...abigail was ecstatic about getting pumpkins and had been talking about it for awhile, so when we rolled up, she was ready to run out there and start picking.
i was impressed because she did not just grab every pumpkin, oh no, she knew what she wanted, and had her eye out for whatever was the "right" one in her eyes. that being said...we left there with 28 pumpkins. all different shapes, sizes, and colors. josh found the cutest, tiniest, baby pumpkin i have ever seen. about the size of a silver dollar. and when it's tiny, i instantly love it.

she was very determined to to pull the wagon all by herself without any help in any way. we actually quite enjoyed that because it allowed us to just relax ;)

see that puppy filling up? plenty more to be thrown in there.

and one very happy girl with her wagon full of pumpkins ready to be loaded up and taken home.

i know, 28 seems ridiculous right? however, they make wonderful decor, and we will enjoy carving them together and making a mess with her. and all of them together were only $20 so we are feeling pretty great about that.

the owners there are just plain sweet and welcoming. and not in a cheesy "come give me money" kind of way. it feels very genuine. and they really give you a great deal. highly recommend them.


  1. Wow, what a great deal on pumpkins! I love that kind of stuff this time of year.

    You look great Meagan. :)

  2. you do look great. and i love that you bought all of those! show some pics of them in your house!!!

  3. So fun. I want to take Ryker to the pumpkin patch. I love that you let her pick out 28. That is amazing. Also you look great!! I bet you are super excited for this little one to get here.

  4. Awe, Cute pictures. Meg! I guess I actually don't know if you even like the nickname meg :/ ha lol. You look fantastic! I'm excited to hear an awesome birth story comin soon!!

  5. Ummm, where's the picture of the tiny pumpkin Josh found? =] That's awesome that you got that many pumpkins for $20! That sounds like a great pumpkin patch. I love that Abigail wanted to pull that wagon all by herself and she looked adorable doing it.

  6. what a fun time. pumpkin patches are fun.

  7. I love the shot of Abigail pulling the wagon of pumpkins. Looks like a great place. We had to settle for Walmart pumpkins. $20 didn't go as far.


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