closing in on 37...


this is my 36 week photo. closing in on 37 weeks along, so approx. 3 weeks to go! which means i need to be prepared for 1 week to 5 weeks. my midwife said it would be rare for me to go 2 weeks late, but they'll at least let me go over that long before they start talking intervention...which would be a bummer, but i'm optimistic that won't happen.
i'm measuring a bit small, or more mailie is measuring a bit small i guess. nothing to worry about, she just said it means mailie will probably be a 7 pounder. seeing as abigail was only 18 inches, i am thinking i just make shorter babies. a) i don't think i have much room in there for the child to get too long. b) josh and i aren't exactly on the tall end of the spectrum.
everything is looking good and healthy, and i have definitely hit that glorious face swelling period of which i love ;) thank heavens for nursing soon ;)
some things i have learned about my last pregnancy vs this one. first of all mailie has been in the anterior position which has proven to be quite nice. abigail was posterior, which gave me quite a bit of back pain, and also equaled back labor. this is also why my belly button never popped out with abigail's ;) where as with mailie it is pretty much always out because her bottom is right up against it, and i have had very little back pain. soooo, here's hoping i don't get back labor this time!
something i wasn't prepared for with the second pregnancy was the tremendous amount of guilt for your first child. i feel like i have a handicap and have to always tell her "mommy can't do that sweetheart", or "honey that hurts mommy, please be careful", etc. it's a bummer not being able to roll, jump, and run around with her. it's also a bit depressing that she has had to see my throwing up so often, and runs to josh to say "mommy is a bit sick daddy".
however, the perks are having abigail with me at the appointments soooo excited about seeing the doctor, and hearing the heartbeat. she always lets abigail help her find the heartbeat, and feel where her head is, which is heaven for abigail.
and like last night, after family prayer, abigail hugged my belly tight and gave it a kiss, saying "i love you mailie". or the fact that sometimes magically mailie is in abigail's tummy, and she has me feel her kicking :) these moments are pretty wonderful.
it's hard to believe we're here again, anticipating 'when will labor begin', 'when will she decide to come'...etc etc.
and even though i have done it naturally now, i am more nervous this time around then i was with abigail. however, i am still excited and anxious for that part. this time around i can say "you know you can do this meagan, you've done it!", and i really know that once i've hit the hardest part, that means it's almost over.
i am most nervous about saying goodbye to abigail when we head to the hospital...i think i might be a wreck. the thought of looking at her for the last time as my only child, as i leave to go bring another baby into this world and into her life. she's just been our entire world and has made us feel absolutely complete. i know once mailie arrives, we'll feel even more complete all over again. i am not nervous about not loving mailie as much as abigail, because that's just silly to me to think that way, of course i'll love her just as much. i am mainly nervous about abigail feeling neglected. i know she will be crazy about mailie and excited to have her around, but i don't want her to feel like she is not getting attention from me.
and these are things i pretty much avoid thinking about because i know it'll just depress me, so rather i focus on the exciting parts. all of us meeting mailie :) and so help me she better come out a "she" because i don't know how to handle a surprise like that ;)

time to go "nest"


  1. Yes, she'd better come out a "she" or else I have to find another Mailie Ryan somewhere to give this blanket to!!

    Sounds like things are moving along, she'll be here before you know it! I know what you mean about the guilt with the 2nd child, Ryan wasn't quite 2 when Jenna was born and I felt like I was tearing his world apart, but he loved Jenna from the moment we brought her home. The hardest part for me was at the hospital when Ryan wouldn't come anywhere near me (all the tubes and what not scared him). I just cried and cried. Having your second child is just wonderful! You see a whole new side to your first child you didn't know was there. So excited for you and Josh and Abigail!! Life will never be the same, thank heavens!!

  2. what a great post of so many deep thoughts! HOORAY for her being the right way... I so hope you don't get back labor!!

    BEST WISHES! I hope it's super soon!!!! So excited to hear the news and see all sorts of cute pics!!

  3. I'm hoping she decides she wants to come a little early, like in a week and 5 days! =] Then you can have two Oct. babies, and two babies that share birthday's with the Bitsch sisters. LOL. I'm excited for you and your little family, can't wait to see pictures of her!


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