due date #1...


this is my 40 week and 1 day photo. yesterday was due date #1. apparently according to the ultra sound i am due tomorrow, 11/11/11. but based off of cycle i was due yesterday. josh and i kind of think the "due date" should be called the "start date" or something. it's the day you start waiting to have the baby. because so many act like you SHOULD have had the baby by the due date, but we should all understand by now it's an estimate, and it's totally normal to go to 40 weeks :) you should have seen the faces of three complete strangers today who asked when i was due and acted like i was crazy for now having her by now. ;)
so here we are, trying to patiently wait. i am completely okay with her coming late, the only thing that makes me nervous is the later she is, the closer i get to the dreaded "we might need to induce" talk. and that is something i am NOT interested in. but, i am feeling pretty good about her coming on her own and avoiding that talk. for now anyways ;) at least i feel good for the most part.
so today we had a nice relaxing family day by taking abigail to discovery gateway and then ice skating. she has been asking to go skating for quite awhile now and trying to convince us that she sees ice outside so she can go :) thankfully, gallavin opened up yesterday so we were able to take her before mailie arrived, and had the place to ourselves. i do look forward to actually being able to participate with her in a couple of months though. she loved it of course. and i was impressed with how well she handled walking in them.

thanks to veterans day, we get another family day, which is nice to just have these relaxing days as the three of us :)
and now it's time for me to do some 'hands and knees' to keep this baby anterior ;)


  1. Meagan your hair is adorable.

    You guys look so cute! I miss ya!!
    I'm so excited for this new baby!!

  2. do your hands and knees deal then do a little something else too...

  3. Cute outfit Meagan.

    And I love how happy Abigail looks on the ice. Josh is a good skater right? I have in my head that he grew up skating. If so, I imagine that it is nice and cute that he can help teach her.

    Maybe they should call it the ETA (estimated time of arrival). We all know those are flexible right? And don't stress about her not coming on her own. I read a study that said by far, most babies arrive before 42 weeks. So odds are in your favor right? :)

    Miss you. I wish I could be around to help with Abigail and hold Mailie.

  4. You look so beautiful! You are so right about the due date.. they really should call it a baby month and just day... she should be here before December.. so something! Luckily Sandae will not push induction. She had her babies at like 42 weeks or something. The only reason she was going to break my water is because I was getting so anxious, and then Anniston decided to come on her own the night before :) I hated people asking when I was due and I'd say.. oh a week ago haha I literally looked like I was having twins and people would always look at me like I looked like death... You look so cute and I am so excited for all of you. Abigail will be and awesome big sister!

  5. I really like your hair in your picture! You look really good all around!

    I am totally loving your belly too!

    I'm waiting each day for a possible call with news of Mailie coming! I can hardly wait for you guys!

  6. Sometimes I wish the doctors would just say some time in this certain month you will have a baby. You look great. I am not a fan of inductions either. I look forward to hearing when she comes. :0)

  7. Meg you are such a cute pregnant gal! I hope she comes on her own and soon. Good luck with everything!!


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