Happy Halloween!


having Abigail has definitely made me much more excited about halloween. i love it.
this girl was ecstatic about her dress and of course the hair. i get giddy just looking at her in this.

years ago i found this idea for a pregnant lady and her man, and i told josh we had to do it if i was ever pregnant during halloween. so i'm happy we got to do it, and it was insanely easy to put together.
this was at our yf activity. everyone dressed up. good food, good conversation, good night. although children are invited, we had abigail hang out with our friends (thank you lindsey!) so josh and i could have a date night before mailie arrives. as you parents know, it was really nice to just hang out and relax without worry. and abigail was insanely excited about going over to the stobbe's and watching Tangled with lindsey, so it was a great night for all :)
we did find there was one flaw...trying to sit ;) and bend over.

and now for my favorite part. abigail and trick or treating!
i was crazy excited about taking abigail out because this was our first year doing so. last year we had a halloween party and we figured what 2 year old would really understand it anyways. i was curious how this year would go, but she caught on in about a second and was seriously running to each home, yelling "trick or treat!", and even buttering up ladies to give her one more piece ;) there were a few homes that she some how past by the owner and walked right into their home, one of them being because she heard a dog, and another because they had a cat. they were sweet enough to let her hang out with their pets for a bit :)

we had such a fun time, and i was giddy just watching her. she was very happy to show everyone her long golden hair and the flowers. again, halloween rocks with children!
the neighborhood is wonderful and gets into it, and we had ward members roasting hot dogs for people, another passing out cider and cookies, and another letting you roast s'mores. it was awesome!
all the walking definitely got those contractions moving, so here's hoping they did some good ;)

love this photo of my man and my little rapunzel

i love being able to have a 'mommy & daughter' trick or treating photo :)

i just love seeing this little body with crazy long hair running through the yard

a dog was barking, so she was howling back at it

stopping off to roast some marshmallows

good night folks!

and here is that tiny pumpkin i posted about earlier.


  1. Wow! What a great neighborhood you have. Maybe we'll try that roasting hot dogs idea next year.

  2. Okay, I totally love how your neighbors roast hot dogs and passes out cider...that is awesome! I totally want to do something like that now.

    Abigail is so cute in that costume. (I was just realizing, I didn't see any Tangled costumes this year.) So no stranger fear for Abigail huh? I think it is cute how comfortable she must have been. :)

  3. Cute costumes! Abigail makes a great Rapunzel!

  4. How fun. I love when neighborhoods get into the sprirt. Kids do make Halloween fun. It's a fun holiday.


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