a holiday to plan...


okay so i am just 5 days past my original due date, and 3 days past the due date based off of the ultra sound. my midwife also pointed out that since i have a 28-31 day cycle, that could change things as well. plus i have been measuring smaller and either losing or not gaining weight the past month or so. the most i have gained has been .4, so i am guessing the little one might just need more time to plump up. of course now that i say that i'm sure i'll be delivering a gigantic baby ;)
anyways. i actually feel pretty normal, anxious as all get up, but physically i feel the same as i have the past few weeks, so that's no biggie.
that being said, this year thanksgiving will be at our place and i would really appreciate her coming asap so i am not waddling around on thanksgiving day still feeling the healing process ;) i mean, if she chooses to come 2 weeks late from the original due date, that puts us at just 1 day before the holiday...no thank you. i need to be a good hostess! josh and i love cooking the turkey together, and we make a great team, so no matter what i'm helping out. but boy oh boy i hope she gives me at least a weeks recovery time. we're only 14 days from the day as it is!
of course i know the rest of my family will be a great help, but it is just not my personality to let everyone do the work while in my own home :)
so let's do this thing, mailie!


  1. We are all anxious to meet you, Mailie, and love you already.

  2. Not to mention the day before Thanksgiving is another cousin's birthday!!

    I posed on facebook but will put it here, too, I think today is a great day for another Ryan to join this family!! Come on, Mailie!!!

  3. That would not be the most comfortable Thanksgiving.... I hope she decides she wants to meet her family soon!

  4. I cant wait to see pics. Happy Thanksgiving!


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