Mailie's Birth Story...


Well, we arrived at the hospital, and I pushed out a baby. And honestly, I feel like that's all I need to really write because it went that quickly! But that wouldn't be much fun to read, would it? ;)

So Sunday afternoon (day before my midwife wanted me to come in for another nst, and decide if I wanted my water broken or not), I started to have contractions that made me say, "hey, MAYBE, just maybe these could be real labor contractions". But I didn't want to get my hopes up, so I just relaxed and hung out with Abigail. Josh meanwhile went into "nesting mode" and got the place looking great :)
The contractions were sporadic, some stronger then others. This is how they were for Abigail as well. I didn't really bother timing them because I just knew I would go to the hospital once I couldn't talk through a contraction; like last time. And I still didn't want to get my hopes up that this was actually happening! At around 6pm or something, we had dinner with my family, and then I decided to make cookies. At this point I was pretty sure this was labor, but I could handle the contractions just fine, so I assumed we still had hours to go before needing to make a hospital trip. I did make sure we had our bags ready to go though.
At some point after 8pm I was in my room and had a good, strong contraction and felt pressure. I came out and told Josh and my mom that I THINK we might consider going and getting checked. But I didn't want to go in too early because I had no desire to just hang out at the hospital forever.
After a couple more contractions and still feeling that familiar 'need to push out a baby' pressure, I decided to just go get checked, thinking we could just come back home if needed. I was still feeling really good though, and having normal conversation, so I really thought we had hours left.
We said goodbye to Abigail, which went well because she was just excited about the idea of us leaving to have Mailie :)
I kind of kept laughing at this point because of the situation. Standing outside of the car having a contraction wondering if my neighbors would walk out and see my doing my contraction dance. I got into the back of the car to make sure I was comfortable in case another came, laughing at the fact that people who were seeing us on the road had to know what was going when a woman is hugging the back of her seat, swaying back and forth. It was really a nice calm drive to the hospital, I only had one contraction so that was nice, and the roads were clear. We stopped at a convenience store to get a newspaper from Sunday in case this was the day she was born, and an energy drink for Josh for what we thought was a long night ahead.
We arrived at the hospital sometime after 9pm. I had one contraction outside of the hospital where I needed Josh's help with pressure on my back. Of course that made me laugh again at the situation; I was just so happy I was actually in labor and that Mailie was coming on her own! A police officer took us upstairs to L&D and I told them I just wanted to be checked. Once we got to the room we waited for the nurse to arrive, and I just did my "labor dance", if you will. If I just walked around, and did kind of a hula move, that seemed to do the trick through the contractions. I also could feel if I squatted a little bit that it was bringing her down. Yep, don't know how to explain that one, but perhaps some of you know what I mean.
When the nurse checked me I was a 5 1/2, 0 stage (you want to be at a 2 to push), and my water was apparently ready to burst. So with Abigail I was a 5 when I checked in and had her 4 hours later, I figured we still had a few hours left.
So the nurse called to have the midwife come in, and we just stood around really, talking and relaxing for the most part. I was waiting for transition, because I knew once I hit that, then we'd be close. But when the midwife arrived and checked me (10:09pm) I had jumped to 8cm, and completely effaced. I couldn't believe it, because I was still feeling really strong. I was waiting for the, "I am crazy for doing this feeling", which is generally at 7cm (transition).
So at this point the midwife said we could break my water and I would most likely be pushing pretty quickly; I wasn't sure if I was ready to do this yet, but after a couple more contractions I told her we could go ahead and do it.
Josh was just sitting on the couch, and he and I were talking about how we clearly had a few hours left still because I was still having normal conversation. But Mailie had us fooled.

Another contraction started, and I told Josh to get behind me and put pressure on my back. And as it got stronger I could feel if I just squatted a bit and pushed that my water would break. Again, I have no idea how to explain the feeling, but I have to say, it was pretty awesome being able to feel all of this going on and knowing what was happening :)
So as I gave a little push, POP, my water went splashing, and I felt Josh jump back as it splashed all over his legs ;) I could feel her coming, and I immediately got on the bed and just started pushing like crazy. Josh grabbed my hand and said, "there's her head babe, you're almost there"...seriously? I just started pushing, how are we almost there? The midwife asked me to try to stop pushing so she could put some kind of ointment on me to prevent tearing as much as possible since she was basically shooting out of me. I was able to kind of stop for a few seconds, but then a contraction hit again and there was no way I wasn't pushing again. The best thing was having Josh's voice right at my head, cheering me on. That is the biggest comfort when dealing with that "ring of fire".
Yep, seriously, 2 pushes in 3 minutes, and Mailie was out! And I was in shock. I mean, some how I just walked into the hospital and had a baby in an hour. How did that happen? I had joked about how wonderful that would be, but so unlikely since it feels like that kind of stuff never happens to you. And yet, there we were, holding our new baby girl, with a perfect round head since she gave no time for it to be squished. Thank heavens I at least put my swim skirt on because I hadn't even gotten undressed yet. I still had three layers on up top.
I was laughing afterwards when they told me how quickly it went. I knew it had gone fast, but with all the commotion and the fact that I was pushing through that lovely ring of fire, I did not think it had gone that fast. I'm still in shock really.
I felt really strong through it all, and I don't know if that's just because I had done it before, or if it's because of the labor moves I was doing, or what.. Don't get me wrong, it was still work, and there was still 'pain' involved, it's not easy. But it didn't seem as hard this time. Not having coupling contractions this time did help as well. I'd say the pushing seemed more painful this time, where as with Abigail's I thought the contractions were more painful then pushing.
I asked the midwife when I was in transition, and she told me it was when I met her. I couldn't believe it, because when I hit transition with Abigail, I was definitely thinking, "I'm so crazy for doing this right now", and then that passed and it was pushing time. So I couldn't believe I didn't have that feeling this time around.

So there is our crazy birth story. When they tell you that the second births go faster, they mean it! I'm just grateful we went to the hospital when we did, because otherwise we could have had her in the car, and I'm very grateful that did not happen.

She's still full of 11's. 11th grandchild born in the 11th month, in 2011, and she was 11 days late. ;)

The nurse wrote down our stats on the sheet of my contractions.
heading to the hospital :)
attractive photo of me? no. but I thought it illustrated my "how did this just happen so quickly?" feelings well ;)
proud father and hero husband. seriously, josh is an amazing and perfect labor and delivery supporter/team mate. i'm a grateful and lucky woman :)

after her first bath.
i love finger holding photos
her nails were pretty crazy long
our family of four!
sisters! yes, she loves her, and she is a great helper. very gentle and loving with her. and thanks to the influence of Lion King, she actually "roared" at her when she first met her. because that's what they do when mufasa presents simba to the animals.
cuddling with babies is fantastic.
heading home. i was very happy to be going home to sleep in my own bed and eat my own yummy food.

going home outfit. love. of course we had to have leggings for the girl :)
Just a few photos. I have many more I want to post, but after writing this all out, I am ready to get off of the computer. So I will get things organized and post more later :) Plus we got family pics taken on Monday, so I am excited to post those!


  1. I am glad things went so well!!! Congrats....she is beautiful.

  2. Oh my! How awesome to feel so in control and have her come so quickly! I can only hope and pray that my third labor is a little more like this:) Congratulations to you all, and enjoy every second!

  3. Wow! Those are crazy long fingernails, obviously she was ready to come out! Way to go, Meagan. I like to tell myself if we ever had another child I'd try it natural, but that's easy to say when you're pretty sure you're done having kids!!!

    She's a cutie and I'm glad Abigail is a gentle, loving sister.

  4. She is so beautiful and so perfect! Congrats!! You are a superstar.

  5. awwwww! such a wonderful story! that's awesome to hear how different this one was. gives me hope for #2 that it won't be 24 hours of labor... but then again i'm pretty sure i'll be the one who has the 2nd just as long! ha ha! we'll see!!!
    thanks for sharing your story... seriously so wonderful; so glad she came! :)


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