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well, in just 2 days i will have hit "due date" #1. and i honestly have no guesses as to when she'll come, but i do think she'll be here by the end of the week. however, i also had a feeling the entire pregnancy that she would be here early, and that didn't happen. as well as for some reason november 2nd, was in my head for awhile, and that didn't happen either. so all "mothers intuition" went out the window for me.
josh says she's coming on the 9th. i don't really think that will happen because only 5% of women deliver on their due dates...unless they were induced then i'm sure the percentage goes up. we shall see. i feel emotionally ready now. i no longer look at abigail and have to fight back tears because it will no longer be just us ;)
i am hoping she doesn't make me wait 2 weeks past the due date, but my midwife said that would be highly unlikely since abigail was only a day late. we shall see.

anyways. i wanted to post a couple pictures.
we got a box of this cereal that had those marshmallows in it...quite a treat in this home. and josh and i walked out to see this...

abigail had poured it all out and picked out all of the marshmallows. josh's reply to me, "i want to be disappointed, but we all did that as kids"...and he's totally right :)

while waiting for abigail's bunk beds to arrive, we had her sleep on her mattress against the floor. we had taken her other bed down because we thought the bunks were coming earlier. i felt bad because she did not like this sleeping situation. anyways, this is how i discovered her one night...

i am not sure how she was comfortable, though i guess kids are happy in any position. her bunk beds did arrive soon after, and this child loves, loves, loves them. especially "the tall one". she loves sleeping up top.

i made these last month for the girls i visit teach. i was proud of myself. :)

i'm not sure this photo does it justice. i found it online, hence the blacked out faces so someone doesn't get mad at me. but really, this pizza is massive. 23" massive. the other night josh was gone for some reason, and i had mentioned that pizza sounded good. a little while later i hear the doorbell, and the pizza guy had this giant thing for me. i had to laugh at the size of this beast. and if you're wondering if we finished it, good heavens no :)
it makes for a great party pizza though. we need to order another one sometime so i can get a good photo of it.

and that's it for now. nothing too exciting. just playing the waiting game...anxiously. we are as ready as we can be, and i have cleaned and cleaned and cleaned enough ;)
i am curious if once i have mailie, if abigail will still think that mailie is inside her belly. i love how she has us "feel her kick" as she sucks her belly in quickly, and looks at us with excitement :)


  1. I didn't realize you were due this month! I am so excited for you. Good luck

  2. hey, eliza came on her due date... hopefully mailie and her think alike! that's AWESOME about the pizza and marshmallow cereal :)

  3. That pizza is huge, oh my. It looks pretty good too.

    I was still thinking you are due on the 11th. Tell Mom to call all of us when you go into labor. I love the anticipation. :)

    Good luck!

  4. p.s. I like the shoe idea. Will you post a how to?

  5. So close! I'll try not to hate you if you have her on the 9th, I can't tell you how BADLY I wanted to have Jenna that day (which was my due date, but that's not why I wanted her to come that day - the 9th is my Grandma's birthday - one of the Grandma's Jenna was named after)!! Good job on being all prepared, that has to bring you some comfort! Abigail will probably start "nursing" any baby dolls she has, even James did that after Brynn was born!!

    Good luck!!!


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