like i have mentioned, abigail loves harry potter, which i didn't expect from a three year old. she even has some spells she likes to shout out, and carries around her "wand".

so the other day abigail was not pleased with us, i can't even remember what was going on. she wasn't upset or throwing a tantrum, she just didn't agree with what it was we said she couldn't do, or said "no" to. so what was her solution?....

...well she walked up to both of us, wand in hand, and shouted out, "expelliarumus!"
and i'm pretty sure she thinks something is happening with her wand when she does these "spells";)
i honestly didn't know whether i should laugh, or sit her down and tell her that it isn't nice to cast spells, because the look in her eyes said to us, "i mean business and i'm going to curse you" ;) she's three, and though she understands pretend, i'm not sure she's old enough to get that the things that happen in harry potter are impossible.
in the end, i totally laughed, but i tried not to let her see. silly girl.


  1. I love it. And we all thought the picture of her in the 'harry potter glasses' was so cute.

  2. That is WAY too cute!!

  3. That is hillarious. And I'm not sure if I would have known which approach to take with that one either. Probably the same one and if it becomes a habit then the second approach.


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