sweet girls...


she is a content baby. granted she is not even three weeks old, so she sleeps most of her life, but she doesn't really get too fussy about things. and she's been a great sleeper, which we greatly appreciate. both of our babies have been good sleepers, bless their souls. but of course now that i've said that out loud, i've jinxed it ;)
relaxed, as usual.
she is also a smiley baby. melts my heart. but seriously this girl looks like this often. i love it! this photo makes her look like a chunk :)
and the dimple. oh how i love that dimple! it appears when she cries and yawns, and it makes me smile.
mailie has a hernia in or under her belly button i guess. thankfully it's nothing to worry about, but it can take a year to go away. so sometimes it makes her belly button kind of go up like a dome. i'm not really sure how to explain it. perhaps i should get a photo.
she is looking perfectly healthy :)

she was ecstatic about getting a christmas tree; also known as "santa's tree". and i was excited about taking her and letting her pick one out. she couldn't wait to get it decorated and put a "tree star" (Land Before Time reference) on top.
while waiting to pick up our family photos, abigail decided to get some reading in :)
at the Pancake House (her favorite breakfast place). she wanted glasses like harry potter...this girl loves harry potter.

abigail is so sweet with mailie. she calls her "sweetheart" and "honey", tells her how much she loves her, and loves to give her "soft" kisses and hugs. she's also very gentle with her and very helpful. though i wouldn't leave abigail with her to babysit, i do feel safe leaving a room, because abigail is very careful with her.

i have been asked to do a comparison post with pics of both girls as babies. i will be getting to that shortly :)


  1. Life is good. Count your blessings, name them one by one.
    love you all

  2. I love that she is so smiley! I NEVER believed what they say about it just being gas when they are that young, you can tell that they are happy and smiling because they know how loved (and cute) they are!! Sounds like things are going well, so glad to hear that!! Congratulations once again!!


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