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today our sweet mailie is 2 months old! and this girl is about as happy and smiley as they get. she is very laid back, and is already "talking" it up. she makes the sweetest little noises, it melts my heart. if you'd like a guaranteed smile out of her, you just have to sing "you are my sunshine", she loves it.
i love seeing abigail with her. she is always talking to her and singing to her. and she's really good at helping mailie if she's crying at all. she just sings to her and voila, happy baby again. aww siblings :) i'm impressed with how great of a helper abigail is. she's not too overbearing with her, she's very gentle and smart with what needs to be done.

for the next 7 weeks we can kind of say goodbye to josh for the work week. he is training to get licensed for insurance/stocks/bonds/investments. so he'll be home with us Physically, but not so much Mentally. i'm grateful josh has a career he loves so much, and that even though he's a busy man, he's a happy man. it makes a world of a difference for someone to be doing what they love.

as for me. healing took a little longer then 6 weeks, but i am now cleared to start exercising! so i can start running again! i am thrilled! 

an unfortunate note. last week we lost our sweet friend, Rob. we are so grateful to have known him, and he is very much missed. his funeral was earlier this week, and it was a beautiful tribute to him. i was so impressed with stephanie and rob's family, and how strong they all seemed to be. it was a tearful funeral, but one filled with many laughs as well. you could truly feel the spirit, and there was such peace. we love you all.

and to end on a happier note, some photos...

mailie is my cuddly child. i love it.

 story: abigail came into our bed in the middle of the night. we took her back. later on she came inside again. josh's sleep in her bed. complete with the doll ;)
 a rare moment to get abigail to cuddle with one of us long enough to get a photo.
 and if this isn't a fabulous outfit, i don't know what is.
 all smiles.

love those big bright eyes


  1. Mailie has already changed so much!!! They are both so beautiful and cute. I'm glad you have a cuddler now. :)

  2. i totally agree... mailie has changed so much. she's not looking like abigail at all anymore! so glad you love them so much. :)

  3. She is so stinkin' cute! I have to agree she looks different. I am glad that Abigail loves her baby sister and likes to help out.


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