christmas time...(picture overload)


we went to idaho for christmas this year, and it was wonderful. a very relaxed few days.
the girls traveled wonderfully, weather was great (clean air! dang you slc air), and everything went smoothly. 


sisterly love.
 cookie decorating. do this with your kids, its very enjoyable :)

 i made these stockings. i'm very happy with them, but i still need to personalize them. i'll get there.
 abigail was very excited about putting her "tree star" on top of the tree.

christmas eve.

writing santa a letter.
and sending it to him through the fireplace.

 cookies and milk for santa. carrots for the reindeer. roca for the elves. the first thing abigail did christmas morning was check to make sure these treats were gone. she was so excited.

christmas day.

we went to my brothers ward. my sister in law put together a beautiful program, and we got to witness my nephew, ryan, receiving the priesthood! i can't believe he is a young man now. he is one of the sweetest 12 year old boys you could ever meet. 

abigail is very happy and in love with this kitchen/baking/tea set. plus it's wonderful for me. not only because it keeps her entertained, but i love "baking" with her and having "tea time" with my little girl.
be prepared to have your heart melt my friends...
and there is more where that came from on our facebook page, so scroll on over if you desire. she's a super smiley baby.
i think we have some super cute girls :) 
look how ginormous those bloomers are on mailie. she looks a bit like an elf here, and i love it.
twin cousins reunited. three years old. seeing them play together makes us miss idaho. perhaps we should move back. :)
mailie was quite content in the stocking. geez, i love my babies.

post christmas.

abigail went atv'ing, and loved it. especially getting to go on her own.
let's take a second to admire josh's combo of bball shorts and cowboy boots shall we ;)
trampoline time with nanna. another "missing idaho" moment. just time spent with family is wonderful. 
many attempts to get a quick family photo before going back to slc. we'll get there :)
once we got back we saw the temple lights. abigail would go to the temple every day if she could, she gets very excited each time we drive by and go there.
and i thought it would be best to end our post with this cute photo.
thank you cousin kaylee for the sweet sock monkey hat. abigail loves it!

i hope you all had a wonderful christmas and have a happy new year :) 
josh started off 2012 by waking up sick:( so a bummer for him. here's hoping he doesn't pass it on to us.

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  1. so freaking cute! i love abigail's face when she opens the tea set. :)

    i'm not sure if you've heard yet or not but we're expecting our 2nd! i'm 14.5 weeks, due june 28th :)


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