Transiberian Concert...


for christmas, josh surprised me with tickets to Transiberian Orchestra. i was pretty stoked. i've always loved their music and talent and could listen to them continuously. we went a few years ago and seeing it in person is outstanding. the music fills you up; you can feel every note in your chest.
needless to say, i was thrilled to be going again! and the second time around did not disappoint. i leave this concert feeling like i can rock out just as much as they can ;) i wish i was even close to being as talented on my violin as their violinist is.
miss mailie. her first concert, and she did AWESOME!!!! she was awake for the first couple of songs, bug eyed with all the lights and lasers. but she slept for nearly the entire concert, and we didn't have to get up once. thank heavens we had these 180's and ear plugs for her, because i had forgotten just how loud this concert was.

 this woman's voice was incredible. so smooth and powerful. i know, it's not like you can see her, but you can look up the orchestra if you care.
 again, you can't see him, but his name is Jeff, and he has the best, strong, scratchy voice. he's my favorite singer of the orchestra. i'm sure Brad knows who i am talking about.

 we got a lot of looks with mailie. many who were saying how cute she was, especially with the muffs. and i'm sure others were thinking, "why do you have a baby here!". but we made sure to keep our baby's ears protected, and if they come from my womb, they are bound to love this music ;)
the show was wonderful, and i highly suggest to you all that you go see it. or at least buy the cd's and blast it in your living room and car. unless you don't appreciate good music ;) i could go every year.
thank you 
a big thanks to Jennifer for watching Abigail and having "tea time" with her!! 


  1. Brad and I wanted to take the kids so badly when they come but to take the family would be just too much! Some day, though, I so want to take Ryan and Jenna, they love TSO!! Maybe if we get a nice tax return we can set aside some $ for this winter!

  2. that looks like an awesome show. i've always wanted to see it. glad you had a good time.

  3. happy times :)
    and those texts back and forth had my fam and i rolling too!

  4. I haven't looked at your blog for awhile. Glad you were able to go to a fun concert. Loved the Christmas pictures, the girls look so cute. Btw Silas has been obsessed with Harry potter for a year now. I think it is so funny to. He is always carrying around a wand (aka chopstick). Lol. Loved the spell story about Abigail.


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