not much going on, but here are a few things...

we celebrated crepe day. we had some friends over to enjoy in the fun, and as usual the crepes were scrumdidliumptious.
abigail was very excited about them.
 who needs a 'sit and stand' stroller, when your kid decides on this mode of transportation.

miss mailie, aka: dimples. length wise she fits into 6 month clothing, but she doesn't have much chub going on. she's also crazy alert and talkative for not even 3 months old. when i sing to her, she "sings" back. she laughs in her sleep which is, well, you can imagine how adorable it is :)
 and for some adorable photos.
oh, and i think soon she will have her fists all the way in her mouth, because boy does she love to eat them.

oh sweet abigail.
we were very proud of her for doing this puzzle completely on her own. 
and i love this drawing of hers. i think she has her daddy's gift. this will most definitely be framed :)
 abigail is such a sweetheart. i love when she goes up to mailie in the morning and says, "hiiiii sweety. did you have a good sleep?", said with such love and excitement. what a great sister she is.
 these girls love each other. mailie is very attentive with abigail. abigail will sing "you are my sunshine" and "you are so beautiful" to her when she's fussy, and she calms down pretty quickly. i need to get it recorded.

my man just passed his series six licencing test! very proud of him. so just a few more weeks to go then he'll take the 63. go baby go :)

as for me. i am one happy woman that we have not had a miserable winter season here! last winter was depressing, so this is a wonderful blessing that i think heavenly father has given to me personally ;)


  1. I believe we have the most adorable grandkids, and tender-hearted too.

  2. life is good. cute update!

  3. I agree with Mom. ;) Glad the girls are getting along. That makes the day a bit easier.

    Yeah for Crepe Day. One of the best traditions from France!


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