try something new...


being with josh has truly broadened my horizons with food, and still does. and it's awesome! i used to be very picky, and it is far more enjoyable to love all kinds of food. it's fun to be adventurous with trying new things and loving what you would not expect to. on the other hand it can be dangerous to love so much food, because it wouldn't be financially responsible to give into cravings of lobster, and plates of seafood, daily.

last week josh took us to a peruvian restaurant we hadn't been to before. he convinced me to try Ceviche. this is raw fish. i was prepared not to like it, but i also like to like food, so i had hopes. the verdict: it was amazing. i mean, really good. so full of different flavors, and not fishy at all. if you aren't a fish lover, trust me, you wouldn't even know you were eating fish.
and a while ago at our favorite peruvian place, k-rico, he convinced me to try Choros a la chalaca. these are mussels with gigantic corn, onions, i think cilantro, and just an abundant amount of flavors going on. i really didn't expect to like these, but holy moly they are easy to down. 

truly. peruvians have amazing food. i love to be surprised and converted to food, and they do just that, every time. amazing flavors, and some of the best chicken you could ever eat.
you should try it. 

now, for a random funny saying from abigail...
me: "okay, your turn to do a somersault!"
abigail: " yeah! i do the salt, you do the pepper!"

good times :)


  1. Aaron has broadened my foods too.. hooray!

  2. Hmmm, I'll admit, I'm afraid of raw fish. I'll try it, if I'm on the coast where the fish is fresh, but I'm afraid. :) Glad you finding new yummy foods.


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