family taken down...


all four of us were taken down with some kind of pick ;)

abigail started out with a slight cold and pretty bad cough. which led to this...
abigail magically fell asleep while we were all relaxing on a sunday afternoon. 

within a couple of days, i had contracted the lovely congested cough, and mailie and i both had colds as well. which led to josh coming home with this...
a rose for each of his girls, and lindt black currant chocolate...delish.

i thought we were on the mend, but then that night, we discovered abigail had an ear infection, and we were up until 3 a.m.
which led to this...
pretty awesome birds nest up there.

i then got the flu, and josh got sick. so we were pretty pitiful, all cooped up inside.
thankfully mailie never got bad, and we're all on the mend.

abigail felt well enough to make herself a sandwich without me knowing...
k, this looks gross. but hey, she got everything out, cut up the pickles, and put things away. so good for her for being independent and making herself something to eat ;)

josh grew out a beard for a bit, and then decided to sport this action...
k really he never left the house like that. but he would have if he didn't have a career ;) po po.

and we have enjoyed playing with mailie of course...

those facial expressions are exactly how we feel about absurdly large bows and flowers, around here ;)

3 months already!

with abigail we never had to worry about her putting things in her mouth. she just wasn't that kid. but with mailie, anything that touches those hands ends up in her mouth ;) she loves to be sucking on something.
 if you are feeling down...look at mailie, she will smile at you, and she'll make you feel better.

it's been fun seeing differences in our two babies. abigail was a kicker, always moving those legs, 24/7. where as mailie is a 'hands' girl. she loves to grab everything. abigail spit up ALL the time, projectile. but mailie barely spits up at all. we've never had that typical 'spit up all over mommy/daddy' like we did with abigail.
mailie does not like a wet diaper, whatsoever. and the moment you start to change her, she is very happy and knows what's coming. where as abigail did not care so much about a wet diaper.
abigail had your typical baby chub, and she was a bit shorter. where as mailie is very long, and the girl looks like she has no fat on her.
we do see mailie possibly being a quick crawler like abigail though. she's already like a seal when we place her on the floor, inching herself around. we shall see. i don't need my baby growing up too quickly though.


  1. Ah, Mailie puts a smile on my face. :)

    Nice sandwich Abigail! You and Rees could make a pretty sweet picnic together. Rees is still waiting for a tomato banana smoothie.

  2. Boo to being sick and big hair bows! Yeah for chocolate, flowers and balloons. Very nice, Josh. But, that moustache - um, yeah, well, icky...

    Glad to hear you are on the mend. I had a nasty thing last month that wiped me out completely. The best part of being sick? How wonderful being healthy feels!! Mailie is a cutie and Abigail is a pretty little girl! So grown up!!

  3. stay well! m is BEAUTIFUL!

  4. I haven't blogged forever! Your girls are super cute, get well!


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