an old card...


as josh and i were spring cleaning (which happens every few months, because we're a bit addicted to getting rid of things), i was going through a box of cards and found this sweet card from my mom...

i can not recall when this was or what we had obviously gotten upset about, but as soon as i read this, it brought tears to my eyes. i'm not posting this to bring attention to my mom saying she had lost her temper, because honestly i can't recall too many times that happened. rather i am posting it because i think it shows what a wonderful mother she is, to take the time to write this card and apologize to her daughter. i'm sure i owed her an apology and i hope i did so. i know i owed her many apologies throughout my life. reading this, i just thought what a sweet and simple gesture this was, and what a good example this card is to me, even now. i need to be as my mother, and apologize to my girls whenever i feel i have hurt them. even if they hurt me, i hope i can remember to be this great of example to them.
i'm constantly trying to remind myself to be as forgiving as a child. they forget your faults quickly and don't hold a grudge. if only it was that easy our whole lives. at what age do we say, "never mind, i am going to stay mad at you for a bit"? ;)


  1. well said meagan...i have several nice coats if u want them i will send them... just let me know.. pammie b.

  2. I remember this card, but I honestly don't remember what the fuss was all about, or when I sent it. I'm glad neither one of us do. All has been forgotten.
    I'm blessed with great children.


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