The trouble maker, Flynn Rider...and a food blog...


miss abigail has quite the imagination, we love it. and as of the past while, she imagines both Flynn Rider and Kaylee (twin cousin) are with us wherever we go. she makes sure to hold their hands and the other day informed me that i had apparently taken one of their seats in the car. thank heavens i didn't sit on them ;)
yesterday morning while brushing our teeth, both were clogged. i thought josh did it to mess around with me. he told me to go ask a certain little girl. i just couldn't believe that she would wiggle those (drain stopper) things out, and then stick cotton balls down them. i knew josh was messing with me!
 so josh calls abigail in, and asks her if she in fact stuck toilet paper or cotton balls down the sink.
she leans over and looks in and responds with a bit of a laugh, "oh, no, flynn rider did".
what did we do? laughed of course. josh informed abigail to let flynn know that he can not be doing that. so she made sure to tell him that that was not okay.
now, flynn has sure been getting into a lot of mischief around this place the past few days. he also got into our blueberries while i was getting ready. but thank heavens abigail just happened to be right there, sitting on the floor next to the refrigerator, stopping him from continuing to eat them before lunch time. we've had to tell him he needed to go home until he decides to be a good boy.
danielle, so far kaylee has been very well behaved ;)

side note: josh and i finally just made a separate blog for our 'street eats' blog, now called 'big street eats'. so if you're interested in learning about awesome places to partake of good food, as well as places not to go, then click on the tab/page above, next to Home.

i hope you all get to watch conference!! i am very excited for some spiritual refreshment!!!

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  1. Let's be honest, Kaylee probably tells Abigail that it was Flynn just to stay out of trouble. She did say this morning that her and Abigail were a team, so something is up.


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