my heart attack parenting moment...


oh boy, we all have to have one right? that moment you can not find your child. your heart pumps faster, breathing accelerates, body temperature rises, and emotions...oh the emotions!
we just had that experience today. 
i consider myself a pretty cautious parent. some might call me paranoid, but too be honest, you kind of have to be these days, with all the kidnappings, and other unspeakable things going on each day. but today abigail put me in a situation where i was kind of stuck, and had to rely on her just making the right decision...of which she did not. were at a little clothing shop, and i was just quickly trying on a dress. i got it on, abigail said she liked it, everything was going smoothly. so i take it off to start getting back into my clothes so we can leave, and that's right when abigail decides she's going to go under the door and "shop" for herself. i tried calling for her, but this girl has a mind of her own. 
so all i can do is quickly get my clothes on, (ask mailie to never do this to me), and then just hope and pray that abigail stays close by.
when i get out of the dressing room i can not find her. so i ask the girls working there if they had seen a little girl running around. they all begin looking with me in all of the clothes racks (we all hid in those round clothing racks at some point when we were kids), and calling her name. i'm just thinking she is playing hide and seek; we've had this happen before. so i am remaining pretty calm, but just aggravated at this moment with my 3 year old.
after a few minutes, it is clear she is not in the store, so we start going to the stores near by, asking if anyone has seen her. one girl from a beauty shop calls security. at this moment i start to panic inside, but i'm remaining calm on the inside...i've become a pro at this. all i can imagine is her either getting hit by a car, or some creep taking her away, which would then result in me killing that creep.
and of course we know mailie was just happy and smiley through all of this...helps keep a person calm :)
so just as i head to the car to get my phone so i can call josh (which would result in me breaking down), i notice the bright yellow toy store that we had passed on our way to the clothing shop. as i walk in i see one of the girls from the clothing shop had indeed found our little runaway; looking at toys of course. 
let the tears flow. and every emotion possible. i was so relieved to have her back, but we of course had an emotional conversation. me: crying because she scared the daylights out of me. abigail: looking concerned, sad, and knowing she did something wrong.

i then called josh and broke down to him. he will be having a nice talk with abigail this evening ;) then gave a huge prayer of thanks.

one good thing is the girl from the clothing shop said that abigail would not take her hand and leave with her. so i guess we got that going for us. good to know our "stranger" conversations are sinking in.

Oh, and I did not get a Grump through all of this ;)


  1. Oh, being a parent, not the easiest job in the world. Sorry you had to go through that emotional roller coaster. Glad she was fine.

  2. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

  3. welcome to being a parent

  4. I know exactly the terrifying feeling you get when you have no idea where your 3 year old went off to to explore the mall. I also no the feeling of deep gratitude for a Heavenly Father who kept her safe until she was found.
    We are grateful He kept Abigail safe too.

  5. The fear that can strike the heart of a mother. I still remember the first time Ryan got away from me. Glad this story had such a happy ending!!


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