No More Grumps...


THIS is the No More Grumps board :) We did this as a family while growing up, and it is a wonderful tool to make sure you keep your tempers low and your patience high.
I've been excited about making one for awhile, but I was waiting until I felt like Abigail would better understand how it works. Not that she completely comprehends it, but as a whole she knows we just need to act like "Happy" and not "Grumpy" (Snow White).
Next up: I need to make our t-shirts of course! I wish I knew where mine was from when we had them as a family!

For those interested in how this works:
Each FHE, we gather together and make a goal of how many grumps we're allowed to get that week. At the next FHE, if you don't go over your goal, you get a special treat. But if you do go over, no treat for you. Then you make your goals again, which can not exceed the amount of Grumps you got the following week. So if I had 3 Grumps, my goal can't be 4.

I think it is good to put it in an open place where everyone can see it. Ours is in the dining/living area.

Mailie's goal is 0. I sure hope she can achieve that ;) 


  1. you at least need to give her one!

    1. Becky, I might feel justified in doing so, if she wasn't so ridiculously happy and giggly all the time ;)

  2. Boy is that the best looking No More Grumps board I've ever seen! A far cry from the good ol' white board we had growing up I'd say, very nice. I like how you've been "looking forward" to doing it, already knowing that in the future you'd have to curve the grumps before they even started.

  3. I still have my 'no more grumps' shirt

  4. I'm with Danielle. That is a designer's grump board. I like it. I'm curious to see how you design your shirts.

  5. Thanks for the posts I love them.
    I am missing seeing those new babies and the big sisters and brothers.
    grandpa got his driver liscens yesterday for three more years. Maybe see the Salt Lake bunch in may and the Nampa bunch in June.
    Grandpa and Grandma Joyce

  6. I've told lots of people about 'no more grumps' and people love the idea, I mean LOVE it. They are always so impressed with it and say they want to try it. I don't know if anyone actually does those. :)


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