did i mention that mailie started 5 months and 8 days! what the crazy! from that moment she decided she could just sit herself on up as well, with no help at all. i'm not sure why this girl feels she needs to do things so quickly ;) she sure is an explorer though. she's really content just checking things out on her own.
i decided not to do a bumper for mailie because the AAP came out saying that there was no evidence that they protect against injury, but they do increase the risk of SIDS. and i will do anything to make sure that doesn't happen. but i'm thinking since she is 6 months, maybe we would be safe to put one in there, since she is strong enough to move that little head wherever she wants...then we could avoid this ;)
we celebrated our 6th anniversary on the 18th. it wasn't near as warm as our actual wedding day, but at least it wasn't freezing like last year. we had a great day with our girls :) josh bought me the same kind of lily's that i wore in my hair on our wedding day, and i can not get enough of that wonderful smell in our home.
crepes from the pancake house; our family breakfast spot. they were kind of awesome. i think they are sour-dough. something about them is different, and i really love the flavor. but they are huge, so i could only eat one.
hangin at the zoo.
 cannella's italian (phone picture)
classic: mailie smiling because she's got someone's hair in her grasp. abigail handles it like a champ.
they have gorillas at the hogle zoo again! and this big guy got up, came straight to josh, and just stared at him. bonding moment ;)

our ward had another luau, and our ward knows how to throw parties. they had kids go up there to do a little dance, and abigail was ecstatic about getting up there. then the elders went up, and josh did a haka (sp?), and then it was the elders wives turn, and it turned out to be good exercise :)

mailie is now 1/2 year old. abigail and i made a cake for the occasion. obviously none of this was given to mailie, but it was more just to have fun with abigail. i like to cook and bake with her. she was ecstatic about this one because of the rainbow-like look.

we are blessed to have two beautiful, healthy, happy, and sweet girls. i wish i could slow down time with them, because like all children, they grow too quickly. sometimes it bums me out how fast it goes. but in those moments, i like to remember this saying, "Don't regret growing older. It's a privileged denied to many".

i also wanted to post this picture of the twin cousins...

i am on an "internet fast". this doesn't mean i am not using it at all, just not much. too much time is wasted on the internet. and as i mentioned, my girls are growing too fast, and my time needs to be with them and their lives, not on the computer paying attention to everyone else's life, or all the projects i could do from pinterest. i love pinterest, and i think it's a wonderful website for a list lover like myself, i just think it, as with all things, needs to be used in moderation.

looking forward to a summer full of cowabunga bay with the girls. abigail is very anxious to go swimming. now if only our weather would stop playing games with us.

have a fantabulous day :)


  1. crawling! that crazy girl! and i agree on the internet fast... i try to only spend a small amount of time on here.

  2. I just love seeing pictures of the girls. What fun they are.
    I agree about the time on the internet. I check my e-mails too much.
    Happy belated anniversary.
    Thanks for the posting.

  3. Those crepes look delicious, I want some right now!

    What a great picture of the twin cousins; that is great that you captured that.

    It looks like Josh and that gorilla had a very deep moment there. :)

  4. Sounds like a good anniversary to me!
    I love those first 2 pictures of Mailie!


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