prayer answered...


i just have to say how much i appreciate prayer, and Heavenly Father answering my prayers. 
the other day turned out to be quite stressful and things just weren't going fantastically well. and by the afternoon i was ready for josh to come home. he happened to be in a training, so there was some hope that he could get off early. that being said, most days that turn out a bit rough, seem to be the days that he gets THAT customer; the one who thinks it's awesome to show up right at closing time.
anyways, it was after noon, and i was mentally and emotionally spent. so i said a quick prayer that josh would get off early.
low and behold, who comes walking through the door, 2 hours before expected!!!
i immediately burst into tears, hugged my man, and said one big prayer of thanks!
josh coming home early meant i was given the chance to run to the temple, and have a moment to myself, filled with peace and comfort. it was wonderful. so thank you to my heavenly father knowing i needed this. and thank you to my wonderful husband for without question, taking the girls, and sending me on my way :)


  1. hope you're okay. hugs! and go josh for being awesome dad.

  2. such a blessing to have a temple for such moments.

    i love those moments, when you know your prayer has been answered.

  3. did you get my comment, it didn't give me the normal notice that my comment has been sent.

    well, thanks for sharing. it was a nice spiritual thought for my evening.

    i'm glad josh was able to make it home and that you live so close to a temple. such a blessing.

  4. Pres. Hinckley said, "prayer is the most powerful tool we have". I think we have all seen the truth of that.
    I'm grateful that you don't hesitate to use it.


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