what's going on around here? not entirely too much.
mailie is closing in on 6 months. little one has dropped to the 10th percentile in weight, and 80th in height. so the doctor recommended adding food to the mix. i'm waiting until she is 6 months though. yes she's skinny, but i'm not worried. she's full of energy, moving herself around the entire room, nurses every 2 hours during the day, so she's not withering away. 

this is abigail at the same age...abigail was always average, sometimes a bit small.

 i love my cuddly babe.
 we went to the Leonardo; a relatively new museum in slc. it's interactive, and has some neat things to do. we feel like they need to do a better job at explaining certain exhibits, but it was still interesting, and fun for abigail. i didn't get many pictures since the camera died.
 we found home on this map. 

my girls on Mothers Day. abigail was so excited about singing in sacrament. she ran straight up to the pulpit. i gave a talk a few weeks ago, and since then she has been wanting her turn at the mic. so she was very disappointed when she discovered she would not be using it, rather all the primary kids stood to the far right of it. needless to say, she decided she was going to be a bit shy during the singing ;) i still loved seeing my beautiful girl up there :) 

question: anyone know if it is not recommended to start with Cream of Wheat for your baby? i've read that there is no problem with it, and others have said no because of the allergy issue.


  1. Meagan, I would absolutely not give my babies Cream of Wheat. But, that is me. Everyone of my children has had reactions to wheat. I usually wait until they are 2 to start giving them wheat. In fact, I don't even make wheat bread for them until they are 2 (tried with Autumn around 18 months and she got horrible diaper rash/diarrhea - but now she does great with wheat). If you want to try it out, I'd suggest you do half wheat/half rice and wait a few days and see how she reacts to it. Your kids may be fine, I think lots of kids do, I just know that mine do not. One other note (sorry, kinda long) the wheat I feed my kids is freshly ground, so maybe that makes a difference and Cream of Wheat wouldn't be as potent, since it's not as "fresh". Sorry for what might seem like me on a soapbox, but I just don't want Mailie (and you) having to deal with a nasty reaction.

  2. One other thought (and you can just delete it after you read it, no need to post). I did some looking online, sounds like Cream of Wheat has a fair amount of sodium, and that's not good for little baby kidneys to have to deal with. Also, if it's her first food, I would really recommend you stick with the rice cereal to start her off as it is proven to be the easiest for babies to digest. Last thing you want is a fussy, miserable baby. But, you can take all this advice and shove it, she may do just great with the wheat! Just wanted to let you know what I found!

  3. I was instructed to start with rice cereal, but of course, that was 36 years ago, and I know doctors have changed their minds more than once over the years as to what is good and what is not.

  4. I would start with something like millet. It has a lot of good nutrition and is better on your baby's system. It cooks up easily and you can sweeten it with some chopped up dates or prunes.

    And I never know where to leave reply comments--so I replied on my post but will also say here, yes! I would love to see your thoughts on the same topic!


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