just a quick post on miss abigail:

she gave her very first talk in primary a few weeks ago, and boy was she excited when we told her the big news. ever since i gave a talk in april, she has been wanting her moment to shine ;)
she spoke on baptism and ran straight to the pulpit, no nervousness with this girl. she did a wonderful job, and we were so proud of her.
last sunday she gave a scripture, spur of the moment, and we're told she did a wonderful job, and was again, very excited about the opportunity. she also sang along with the rest of the primary for father's day, and was waving, smiling, and happily singing the entire time. josh and i could not wipe the smiles off of our faces. gosh she is just so adorable.

for an fhe awhile ago, we were supposed to ask abigail what she was thankful for. the lesson was planned with the assumption that children would say things like, "my toys, special treats, games...". and then you were to explain that those are just temporal things, and the real things that are the most important are church, scriptures, etc.
so when we asked abigail, her response was, "i love church, and reading scriptures, my family, praying"...
uhhhh....that's wonderful! completely takes away our lesson plan, but hey! josh was watching her the whole time with such pride. you're awesome, abigail :)

another quick story. when talking to her about how we need to choose the right, she was quick to tell us, "yeah, we need to choose the right...we don't choose the left, no, that's not good...we choose the right"...said with such excitement. i love her.

lastly. abigail is in this wonderful habit of waking up and getting herself dressed for the day, and then coming into our room and announcing, "gooood morning!!". it's kind of awesome.

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  1. When I worked in Primary, we had a little sunbeam who was so willing to talk, say prayers or scriptures....we loved that kid! Sounds like Abigail is that kid in her sunbeam class.

    I think it is better when kids wake us up with happy voices, like 'Gooood Morning' rather than crying and whining in their rooms. It makes a big difference in how our day starts.


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