How my girls inspire me...


i wanted to write about how much my girls have helped me grow, learn, and have inspired me to be better. because they have blessed me tremendously in their short lives, so far.
first off. abigail, aka: el tigre
abigail is an independent young girl. quite often people hear that word and assume it means "tough", but this is not the case with her. she is a very generous, sweet, and loving little girl, who just happens to know what she wants, and seems pretty fearless. the moment she came into my life, i wanted to better myself as much as i could. and her coming into my life made me realize how much i needed to do so. from that first night after having her, i committed to daily scripture study, prayer, and writing in my journal. and thanks to a little ocd and habit, i haven't missed a day since she was born. sometimes my scripture study is quick, sometimes my prayers seem mediocre, and i worry my children will find my journal a bit overwhelming and think i should have cut it down a bit ;) but i can't stop now. i have to continue to do whatever i possibly can to keep focused, be as spiritually strong as i can be, in hopes it passes onto my girls. i need my girls to make it back to our heavenly father, and i will do whatever it takes to help them. truly that is all i care about. i just need them to safe, happy, and strong. please don't think i'm trying to "impress" you all, because man oh man i have lots and lots of "bettering" to do! i am just truly grateful for my baby coming into this world, because she has helped me start doing things i was taught to do for so long but just never got into the habit. she was the inspiration i needed :)
and thanks to abigail and her strong-willed self, she keeps me in check. she always makes sure we have family scripture study and prayer before she goes to bed,  she reminds us of family home evening; though she thinks this should happen every day. and she is very good at reminding us if we are not being happy like we should  be ;)
i love her ambition and her passion. she reminds me to go for it, learn, explore, and let loose. i'm not sure why i have to be reminded of this these days ;)
secondly. mailie, aka: dimples
holy moly what an incredibly giddy child. in just 6 short months of life, this child has really reminded us of how we just need to be HAPPY. she wakes up, she's happy, she meets someone, she's happy, she gets a diaper change, she's happy, she gets a piece of paper, happy! she truly seems like she wakes up and thinks, "wow, i am so happy to be here on earth today. let's make this a great day, shall we?" she really just seems grateful to have the opportunity to have life. as we all should be.
so mailie has really inspired us to just enjoy our lives as much as we can, choose to be happy, smile at everyone, laugh as much as you can, and just lie back and enjoy the view. 
the moment i see her, she just beams, and as you all know, when your child is smiling at you, it melts your heart and just makes you feel like a million bucks. and not that my smile is going to make you feel like a million bucks, but i figure if we all smiled at each other more, it would help us feel a little better, right? so that's what i try to do.
both girls are go-getters, and are just excited to learn and quite honestly, grow too fast :) but as i mentioned in a previous post, i am just grateful they get to grow!

what about you all? how have your children inspired you? don't be shy!


  1. Mine could probably be taken mean...! I've learned that throwing a little fit over everything is ridiculous. :)

    1. Becky, why do you think that is mean? Are you referring to yourself or Eliza? ;)

  2. As I watch our grandchildren being raised by our children, I am inspired of the goodness in them all. I am so impressed with the great parents our grandchildren seem to have. It seems that our children are passing me up in so many ways so fast. Which actually makes me feel great, thankful, and blessed. It is a good thing, a blessing, that our children had such a tremendous mother to guide them, teach them, and truly love them. I believe that love has been passed from, now grandma, through to our grandchildren. What more could we want?

  3. Definitely patience, laughing more, and a level of unselfishness I didn't realize. I look back at my own mom and now realize how many sacrifices she made for us--I wish I could have been more grateful then! I think what has surprised me the most is that having children and being a parent has helped me increase my faith and my understanding of the atonement in a much deeper way. But it's just another reason why families are so important to the plan!

    1. I feel that same way, Kim. A big 'Amen'!! :)

  4. Rees has re-awakened my desire to ask questions and learn. He is always asking questions and I often don't have an answer so out comes Google and we try to find answers. Or the other day I could see Isla watching me with such focus, trying to figure out what I was doing (snapping my fingers) and trying to do it herself. I love their eagerness to learn anything and when I recognize them achieving new tasks/skills, I feel inspired to put my pride or fear aside and try new things too.


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