the past few weeks in photos...


cowabunga is a favorite for our family. abigail is so fearless, and loves every inch of this place. mailie's first time was a hit. she loved crawling around in the water and splashing around. playing in the water makes this family very happy.
love this picture and the smiles on their faces.

look how adorable she is. she even got some hits in! time to get this girl her own racket :)
a little lesson

abigail has herself some good guns. strong monkey child.

ran into this guy, walking to the zoo
mailie's face, "uhhh, let's just get this thing done and move onto the animals"
these statues seem to be the popular thing for kids to want pictures with.

yeah, it was mighty chilly on a JUNE day at the zoo. cocoa was ordered.
abigail was extremely excited about touching the python. "it's like nagini!!" for those who don't know, that's voldemorts pet snake, in harry potter. and abigail LOVES harry potter.
love that smile
love those eyes
this one just makes me smile

around here. aside from water and zoo fun (most of our time). i am embarking on home-school pre-k with abigail, and we're really excited about it. i've been doing some small lessons the past few weeks, and they've gone really well. i feel like it is our most peaceful time of day. i was able to find a 26 week program that we'll start up once i get all the lessons organized and things set up.
mailie is getting teeth.
utah seems to be burning down to a crisp (thanks to irresponsible human beings), so now might be the time to get out while you can ;)


  1. That last picture is priceless - love the expression!

    I have my first preschool meeting this morning with the other moms, so excited to get started on Brynn's stuff - though we won't start class until August/September - I'll have lots of work to do to get everything ready by then. What program are you using? I did a bunch of research this morning into different sites.

    Oops, sorry for the long comment!! Good luck!

  2. is it a program you bought or created yourself?

  3. We like the pictures of the girls. Love to see you all being such a happy family.

  4. So many cute pictures. I can't believe she touched the snake and that the Harry Potter snake doesn't make her afraid of them.


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