my alone time...


a couple of sunday's i decided to start a new ritual for myself...alone time. sunday is the perfect day for it, because it's a day of rest. 
all of us know we love our kids, we love their sweet noises, and our lives are better with them in it. but we also know that we're supposed to take a moment to ourselves, to regroup, refocus, and relax! josh and i have not been good at this lately. so much has been going on and it's just felt so busy, aka: stressful. and somehow when we need this relaxation the most, we tend to not make sure we're getting it in. 
i'm trying to put a stop to this. because i know that if we make sure we're taking some time to ourselves, it'll just make us better parents, spouses, and human beings.
so after church, i put mailie down for her nap, drove to a nearby park, set out a blanket along with my water and a good book, took in a huge breath of fresh (as fresh as our smoke filled sky can be) air, and just laid there all to myself, hearing just the wind in the trees. it was amazingly peaceful and relaxing to just sit there for an hour, with no worries, and no noise, and able to read a book!
truly, all i needed was one hour. then i was ready to get back to my man, and see my sweet girls smiles. i felt rejuvenated and calm, and really excited to get back home. it's amazing what some relaxation can do.

josh and i are also working on 'at home' dates, and making sure we're doing them each week. it can be hard to get out alone when you have 1)a nursing babe. and 2)have no desire to pay for a babysitter. so we're trying to get creative, and keep it low cost! i'm going to make a page and write about them so others can have ideas if you so desire.

now go and relax. it costs nothing to go sit at a park, my friends.


  1. Can I just say how much I love having a child that's old enough to babysit, but not so old he wants to go out with his friends on Friday night! I know this will be a short-lived period, but we are enjoying our date nights right now! Free babysitting! (well, I do pay Ryan $1/hour!). But, at home dates are fun, too. Brad and I got a movie for us and one for the kids once - let them watch on the laptop in the boys room and we watched on the big tv. I made a special dessert for us - it was a fun night.

    And, as far as going to the park, no way, Jose - it's way too hot out there for me! But I do love that with the kids home I can put Ryan in charge and go lay down on my bed for an hour or so. By the way, last summer (and even during the school year with Brynn during Autumn's naps) I did "quiet time" where for 45 minutes the kids had to sit quietly on their beds. They didn't have to sleep, but they couldn't talk or make noises - they could take books, crayons, quiet toys into bed with them. I think I may reinstitute quiet time. It was nice for me!

  2. I agree that you or we all need some quiet time.
    It will destress you so much that things that happen won't seem so big and we can all handle the stressful times better.
    I like to walk mine off but still have the boot so that is limited.

  3. I wish we had nice grass here; I've wanted to just hang out and read. (grass is not soft here) Glad that you getting some good quiet time.

  4. I just read an article in the ARP newspaper about a lady who has two chairs in her car so she when she has a bad day she finds a grassy spot she plops down, breathes deeply and soon is soothed by the nature around her. The second chari is for a grandchild likes nature breaks and joins her sometimes.
    She is a developmental psychologist. She wrote a book titled Last Child in The woods.
    She calls it N day, or nature day.
    It is also good for famlies too.


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