my very own exciting news!


oh what a wonderful day! each day for the past few weeks, i have anxiously been checking the mail in hopes of receiving some good news. and today it came! even though i felt pretty confident about the outcome, i was a little nervous when it came in a small envelope. alas, once i opened up my letter, a huge smile formed on my face and i was ecstatic!
yes!! i was accepted into the Psychology Program at USU!
some of you might remember THIS post. i was able to take two classes just after that post, and everything went great with balancing motherhood and classes. then came the end of pregnancy and my time needed to be focused on giving birth and then taking care of TWO babes :)
then i heard about the program at usu. they offer their psychology program completely ONLINE! music to my ears. perfect for me! i need to be home with my girls, it's what i have always wanted, and what makes me happy. and i also really want to graduate, and i feel like i am in a place where i can balance both, with having this opportunity to do my classes online. i have the option of taking classes on campus, if for some reason we happen to move there. i don't see that happening, but you never know.

so i am wicked excited, and just so happy to know i have this chance to further my education, graduate, and still have my ultimate job; a mother :) 

here i come! 

still love our bsu bronco's though ;)


  1. Congratulations! That's awesome and I'm so happy for you! Do you start this semester? Good luck!

  2. Way to go, Meagan! I figure when Brad is done with school our youngest will probably be starting school and maybe I can go back and finish the last 2 years to get my bachelor's. So, good job and good luck balancing everything!

  3. That is wonderful! I am so impressed--you seem to be able to balance so many things in life AND be a great mother on top of it all. What a great example you are!

  4. Congrats Meagan! And good luck!

  5. We wish you much success with furthering your education, and have lots of confidence that you will get your degree.


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