what's up around here...


first of all, it's amazing how much you eat when you are nursing, especially when your baby nurses every 2 hours ;) i know, you're thinking "wow, every 2 hours??". but since she only takes about 5 - 10 minutes tops, to nurse, it's really not overwhelming. i am just hungry, all the time!

anyways. quick update. josh and i are starting school back up in january. which means busy, busy, busy. i am starting abigail's pre-school in september, so i'll be able to get an idea of how that will go by the time i start school in the winter. 
abigail is extremely excited about school and is constantly bringing it up. thanks to an episode of curious george, she now wears a backpack everywhere, calls me 'mrs.gould'?? (i think that's the name), and talks about going to kindergarten often :)

we were able to find a wonderful place to move to while we are still in limbo land, wondering where we are supposed to head to on a permanent basis...does that exist? one of the best things about this new place is that it's still in our wonderful ward!! we are very grateful for that, and very grateful for this blessing.
it sure takes longer to unpack and organize when you have children to entertain, but we're getting there ;) thankfully we have pretty easy going kids (knock on wood).

which brings me to abigail. she is kind of like a mini adult sometimes. this girl will go into the kitchen, grab a plate, and make herself an almond butter and jam sandwich (one of her faves), pour herself a glass of water, then just proceed to have herself some lunch. i like to have lunch as a little family, but sometimes she just takes matters into her own hands when i'm a bit busy running around ;)
then in the evening, you'll randomly hear the shower going. because she has taken it upon herself to clean up and get ready for bed. she has her very own shower now, and seems to be in love with it! you hear her just singing and having a fabulous time in there. then continues to get into her pajamas, brush her teeth, and viola! it's pretty great :) not every day is like this though, but that is quite alright because i still like to take care of my babes :)

lastly, i'm pretty certain i will be running my very first marathon next summer! thanks to our (pro runner) friend, kassi, she has set me up with a great foundation and marathon training program. seriously, she's amazing. i start my foundation training in september, and registration for the race begins october 31st, so we shall see how all the busyness of motherhood, school x3, training, church responsibilities....is going :)
two summers ago i did my first half marathon, and it was great! i would love to check the marathon off of my list. so wish me luck :)

i hope you guys all have a wonderfulucious day!!


  1. And to think I used to be impressed when one of my kids would put themselves down for a nap! Sounds like a busy, full life!

  2. That does sound busy busy busy. I totally know what you mean about the starving and nursing every 2 hours. Ryker was like that in the day until he was 10 months old. I ate WAY more nursing than I ever did while pregnant. The only problem for me was I could never really leave him.


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