1st Day of Pre-K/K4...


look at this cute girl...

Well I started the Pre-K/K4 curriculum with Abigail this week, and both of us were very excited. Abigail and I work very well together as teacher-student, so it's quite enjoyable to be doing this at home. she's excited about learning, and i really like teaching her.
yep, we're at home, but i was still totally packing her a lunch. she was so excited about it too :) and yes, that is a lunchbox WITH a thermos ;)

when asking abigail what she wants to be when she grows up, she answered, "a princess to flynn rider". what i love about this answer (besides the fact that flynn is her bff), is that for abigail, being a princess means you're going to the temple to get married. she's always talking about being a princess like mommy at the temple, and marrying a prince like daddy. so we'll continue to cheer on that goal.

Pre-K Interview:

Abigail Kaye
I am 39 1/2 inches tall
My best friend: Flynn Rider
My favorite thing to play: Train tracks with Flynn Rider
My favorite colors: pink and red
My favorite book: Pinkalicious
My favorite tv show: Word World
My favorite movie: Finding Nemo
My favorite food: Mac & Cheese
My favorite treat: Grapes
My favorite song: Just around the riverbend - Pocahontas (this changes daily) 
Something I really like: My tricycle
Something I really don't like: Eating trash (i'm not sure where this came from)
My favorite thing about myself: My blue eyes
Something I want to do this year: Play


  1. I can't believe she is already in Pre K - CRAZY exciting! I love the questions you asked her. Cute idea.

  2. I don't really like eating trash either. :) Remind me who Flynn is. I know you've mentioned before, but I cant' remember.

    1. Flynn Rider is the main boy character in Tangled...her man :)

  3. Fun to read! I think my kids would love if Flynn was their cousin-in-law.

  4. What a sweet girl! And I love the first day interview--I may have to steal that for years to come. I definitely want to be more scheduled next year when Lucy and Dot start Pre-K together. Happy schooling!


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