quick family pics...


first. miss mailie, also known as chip-monk (1/2 chipmunk 1/2 monkey), because if you were in our home, you would think some kind of rodent had attacked all of our books, paper, anything that can fit in a tiny mouth. we also find multiple things packed into her cheeks. she mimics a monkey at times, with the way she plays with her food, while one leg is up near her head, and makes peculiar noises. she's such a goof.
anyways. she's shrinking. off the charts in weight, which means she's below 3%, and just barely hit 15 lbs at 10 months. so we are working hard at trying to plump this girl up, because it is effecting sleep :( she's always hungry, but since she started walking so early on, she's just burning every calorie she takes in. 

second. we went out back and quickly took some family photos. like in 10 minutes, quickly. so they are not pro, but think they turned out frame worthy ;) we've got abigail's hair going crazy in a couple, and some almost closed eyes of mailie's, but that's the fun of children's photos, right?
 i've been wanting to take some for a while, but with moving, things had just been crazy. but now that the leaves are changing and it's looking gorgeous up in the mountains, we'll have to get some autumn pics soon. very excited about autumn, soups, chilis, stews, cocoa, sweaters, the colors, my girls and my man's bday (just turned 31), crisp air, and the list goes on.

 happy autumn!


  1. What a tiny peanut. I can't believe she is that small. I have a friend with a 10 month old that is 15lbs also but she was 3 months premie. Cute family picts. I wish it were feeling more like fall here already. Im so ready for it.

  2. Fun pictures! I remember when Ryan lost weight at his 9 month appointment, the dr. told me to add butter to his food to help. I'm trying to remember what Jenna weighed at a year, I think it was around 15 pounds, which is also right around what I weighed at 1 year, so I guess Mailie is taking after her aunt and cousin!

    I wish it felt like Autumn here, leaves haven't changed, weather is too warm, Fall is my most favorite time of year and I am mad that it's not here, yet. I haven't even put up my fall decorations yet because it still feels like Summer! Hurry up, Fall!!

  3. beauuuuuuuuuuutiful pics!

  4. I think the pictures are great. All the kids are growing up.

  5. love family pics! We need to take more. I love all the GREEN in the background!


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