spending time with our elder bodily...


wow, i feel short ;)

on monday josh and i were able to go to a bees game with kevin and his companion, along with many other missionaries from his area. it was fun to spend time with him, and though the game was mega slow (2 hours in they were only in the 5th inning), it was still a great time with our little bro. we always love time with kevin.
it's hard to believe his time is up. he gets released this evening, and then goes straight to byu-i. i know he's blessed many lives, and made a lot of people very happy...kevin is very good at making people smile and feel good. we are so very proud of all his hard and dedicated work.
yesterday morning we were able to go to a session with him, along with my parents. it felt so wonderful to be in the temple with josh. since i'm nursing mailie, our time at the temple has been individual, so i was very grateful to be able to go with him yesterday, and very grateful to both my parents and gina for watching our girls, allowing us to go on both a leisurely and a temple date! i also enjoy seeing my baby brother in the temple. i feel so grateful and happy that our whole family is able to be in that beautiful and sacred place together.
then it was off to a lunch where kevin got to meet mailie for the first time, and see abigail after so long. abigail was very excited, and was sure to tell him, "i love you, and miss you so much", followed by batting her eyes at him. funny girl.
after he is released, we are going to a testimony meeting, which i am very excited about :)
i love spiritual filled weeks! 

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  1. He still looks like Kevin!

    Lucky you for getting to enjoy this special time. Have fun tonight.


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