this is a little shout out to my man. 
i was unable to go to church today, due to tending to my sick baby. but i was determined to still feel the spirit and joy of the sabbath day. i turned on the byu channel, watched a little of music of the spoken word, and tried not to worry too much about what could be done around the house.
i still would have loved to go to church today, but duties called, and it was still a beautiful day with my family, and i've been able to spend time pondering things...if only for a few minutes at a time ;)
one of the things i've been thinking about is my appreciation to josh about a two letter word...


this simple word means a lot to me. when josh says our morning prayer, he generally mentions the blessing of work. but when he mentions it, he says he's grateful that "we" have a job, and that "we" are able to make enough to provide for our family.
this means a lot to me, because obviously being a stay at home mother, i do not make actual cash, and i do not go to a place of business to work. but josh shows me that he knows i work hard, and that it is not just him, but it is us, and that he feels it is our job.
i really do love and appreciate this about my husband. i know some husbands and wives who feel it is more I, me or mine. but i am grateful that with josh and i, it is we, us, and ours.

and i leave you with this...

All the time!


  1. In this house 9 times out of 10 if the kids are playing quietly it means they are doing something they shouldn't be! But, that 1 out of 10 time that they are playing nicely definitely has that repurcussion!

  2. I love your post and think it is great all around. Your picture quote also makes me vocally laugh with understanding that moment to a 'T'. haha :)

    1. This post makes tears in my eyes. How wonderful for the word we and us and ours and to know how you two as a couple appreciate each other so much. Hope the baby is better.

    2. well this is the finish of the first post. Hope Mailee is feeling better.
      How important the word we is and to know that you two as a couple feel the way you do because it makes you one.
      we are so blessed because we have the gospel in our lives.
      Kiss the girls for grandpa and me.


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