31 year old RM...


on the 24th, josh turned 31. but he must not look it, because while interviewing for his temple recommend, the counselor thought he had just returned from his mission, and asked how the dating life was going. that through josh off for a sec. i think he looks fantabulous, myself.
we went to the timpanogus caves. abigail was a rockstar walking up, and i was grateful for the dark cave to help conceal me while nursing mailie. an interesting task, ducking, and squeezing through areas while nursing a babe, but i found it to be quite amusing.
perfect autumn weather for the "hike". 
i made josh a reeses pb cup cake. note to self: invite others for dessert, because we can absolutely  not eat that amount of cake. if someone wanted to make me a cake completely made up for lindor truffels and ferrero rochers, i could probably take it down.

these were actually taken on abigail's bday, post to come.
hello mini josh!


  1. Josh's neck looks so long in that picture.

    I hear you on inviting others over for cake. I have a problem finishing things off so I rather have others around to finish off for me. :)

  2. Its been quite a while since I hiked to the Timpanogos Caves, but what I remember was quite the workout it was!!! I couldn't help but think if I lived a little closer, I'd be interested in hiking up that trail regularly for exercise! So way to do so well Abigail! I like your thought of the the Lindor/Ferrero Rochers cake... sounds divine! :)


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