4 year old in the house...


miss abigail is a 4 year old! i somewhat refuse to believe it, but 3 to 4 seemed like a huge growing year. that being said, each year seems to be a huge growing year. 
the day was spent going to some of her favorite places.
first up: the original pancake house for breakfast. she excited and cheering with delight with this surprise. she especially loved getting her own saucer of cocoa with whipped cream. i highly recommend their fresh fruit crepes.
then it was off to the zoo. the elephants were trumpeting and kind of "running" around, which was cool. and the weather was perfect for strolling around.
next up, temple square/jsmb. yep, abigail loves it there! she loves to see the huge joseph smith statue, and all the "princesses" in their wedding dresses. she especially loves the children's make believe/play area downstairs. and we loved it because they were airing general conference...i had no idea you could watch conference at the jsmb. so we could watch while she played with mailie and another new friend.
she was very giddy when we surprised her with this pink lollipop she spotted a month ago at deseret book.
then it was off to the library. this is our second home. abigail loves to grab as many books as her arms can carry, and play with the building blocks, and animals. i love the library.
oh boy, dinner time. this little girl was ecstatic, because she wanted to go to chuck a rama. she had actually asked me earlier in the week for mac & cheese, fries with ketchup, salad with mushrooms, broccoli...a piece of chicken...
so i finally just asked her if she just wanted to go to chuck a rama. she very happily accepted. and it was really nice to not have to cook that evening ;)
after dinner josh went to the priesthood session, while abigail and i played. i had put mailie to sleep, so it was really nice to just have some alone time with my birthday girl and play together.
once josh got home, it was time for presents and cake.
abigail said she wanted a pink & red cake with a cherry on top. 
she got the movie cinderella...this is something her mother was excited about as well :) when she opened it, she gasped and said, "i can't believe it!". adorable.
she also got a "piggy" bank. compartments for tithing/savings/fun. her favorite part is the fact that there is a lock and KEY. 
and i made this bag for her.
this awesome book from nanna and papa! when i asked abigail what the title was, her response was, "the horn on the thing". i guess we hadn't thought about teaching her what a unicorn was.
that boy looks more interested in my daughter, then the ape. he actually did keep commenting to his parents, "he likes her! look, he's looking right at her". 
it must run in the family...refer to this post.
thanks everyone for the messages and birthday wishes. she really loved them all. especially nanna and papa singing the birthday song :)
happy birthday to my abigail and tc kaylee!


  1. Abigail's birthday sounds like such a great day, and so perfect for her! I love the way you decorated her birthday cake, it is super cute! And it looks like you did an awesome job on her bag too. Happy Birthday to Miss Abigail! :D

  2. I'm not surprised to see you made an awesome birthday for that sweet 4 year old of yours!


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