bitter sweet sunday...


yesterday was a bit of an emotional roller coaster.
the first two hours of church were nice, filled with wonderful spiritual enrichment, and i was eagerly anticipating abigail's first primary program. she was very excited to give a talk ;)
as sacrament began however, it was announced that a young single mother passed away. my heart stopped because it was completely unexpected, and i had just talked to her a couple days prior. then i thought of her little boy, nearly 3 years old and has just lost his mother. i tried so hard to control my emotions and tears, because i wanted to be happy for abigail and her "talk". 

as i mentioned, samantha was a single mom. she had just had brain surgery a couple months ago, and was doing amazingly well and had found a new love and passion for life and commitment to her heavenly father. it was wonderful to see the change in her. she was so excited about coming back to church, she was eager to be apart of the ward, meet new people, and just had such a positive attitude. it was beautiful to witness. my heart breaks that it was her time to go, and her little boy lost his mother. i pray he is loved and taken care of the way she would have taken care of him.
so many choose to exclude themselves, feel sorry for themselves, and don't try to be a part of others lives. but it's important for us to stand together, talk with one another, love one another, and be there for one another. i hope others can take from her example, and her new gusto for life. don't just say you want to befriend, but go out there and befriend. to not just be a ward member, but to be a ward member, to be a family.

now. there is still the matter of our beautiful 4 year old's "talk" in the program :)
i was able to pull it together for her moment, and she did awesome! i was so proud of her. she did great! :) she didn't speak too loudly; blowing your ears out. and you could understand every word. such a sweet heart up there. after a couple of songs however, she was spent, and ready to come sit with us :)
each child was asked to write their own part. when asking abigail, how making good choices brought her happiness and helped her move closer to her heavenly father?
she answered (and therefore this was her talk)

"When I make good choices, it makes me feel happy! I want to keep choosing the right and not the wrong. It makes me feel safe and good in my heart."

all her, folks! she's so adorable.

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  1. I so agree with your statement to go and be a friend. I feel your pain for this little boy. His mom was a special person.
    we are proud of Abigail and her talk. Grandpa and I went to Church at Filer to be their for Chole and kodiak primary program. I thought it was such a neat program having the children to tell their answers to the basic questions. Kodiak's was about prayer, he told about a friend who they have in Kansas who needs a kidney transplant and he prays for him and now he is on the kidney transplant list so he knows that prayers are answered by Heavenly Father. Chole's was about reaching out to a girl at school and now they are good friends.


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