Mailie Ryan turns 1...


1 year ago on this day (november 20th)

i still look at mailie as maybe a few months old. sure she's walking around, beginning to say words, climbing up and down from beds...but she's still so tiny and it in no way feels like she's been a part of our lives for a whole year. she gets the 'happiest baby' award. what a sweet babe she is, so full of personality, always laughing, loves to give, and just play around with everyone. she really does remind you to smile, and just be happy.

about mailie: smiles and laughs all the time.
                    loves to see how things fit together.
                    if it's in her hands, it will be in her mouth. but just stored in her cheeks, like a chipmunk.
                    in no way shy.
                    walking by 9 months.
                    a talker and a squealer.
                    a climber. beds, couches, stairs. thank heavens she can't get out of her crib...yet.
                    plays peek a boo, and gives high fives.
                    loves to put things away...seriously, she will pick something up off of the floor, and put it
                        back where it belongs!
                     loves to give.
                     wants to be one of the big kids, always running around with abigail, and trying to grow up too
                          fast!! ;)
                     tiny. i look forward to seeing what her stats are at her next appointment. she may be tiny, but
                    she is completely full of energy :)

for my babes 1st birthdays, they get to try strawberries for the first time! she loved them, and has so far loved all of the other berries introduced to her. heaven :)
present time. mailie was ecstatic about her little rolling car, and caterpillar. she was literally squealing with delight. she also chose to eat her presents was expected ;) i love these personalized books my mom has made for the girls!
ps. we found that caterpillar for $3...score!!

theme for mailie's birthday, apples. i guess i was in the mood :) i was so excited with how these cupcakes turned out. tasted a bit like dye, but hey, they looked cute!
on my babes 1st birthday, they also get their first taste of sugar. with abigail, she just kind of picked at it. but we expected mailie to dig in and make a mess ;) this girl loves to get messy.
my baby is 1!!!


  1. What a fun birthday party! I think the banner and cupcakes are awesome! I can hardly wait to see Mailie's happy self in December. She seems to always have a smile on her face and we are so excited to see her and Abigail... lets not forget their fun parents too! ;)

  2. Ahhhh....Litte Mailie! Such a beauty, full of life and laughter!! So many more fun years to come! Happy Birthday Mailie!
    Kassi and Tanner and Lee


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