i am not positive where october just went. i'm convinced we're still in it. 
one day, we dressed up quickly, went up to millcreek canyon, and i shot some photos in about 10 minutes, because i wanted autumn photos BEFORE the leaves all fell. it's so beautiful up there. so this is what we got. forgive the dark circles, we are lacking major sleep over here, and these photos are not pro ;) but i still like them! you can click to enlarge, if you so desire.

each year we go to mabeys pumpkin patch. because of the odd weather, many pumpkins weren't doing so well. makes me feel bad for the pumpkin farmers, but we still found some perfect ones to bring home, and the girls loved it. especially chasing around the little french chicken.

and of course, halloween! josh and i ran out of time and before we knew it, it was halloween day and we still didn't have costumes. so we turned to our trusty "nerd" costumes. comfortable, and cheap.
abigail wanted to be a spider, which i thought was pretty cool for a four year old girl, so i was kind of excited. then as we were getting some shirts to make the costume, josh found this unicorn costume, and thought it would be hilarious to put on her...instantly she was running around, neighing, and so filled with delight, we couldn't stop laughing. i thought it looked a bit silly, but at the same time, the girl really loved it, so unicorn it was! oh, and it was a whopping $3, so winner! i think it's meant to be a princess riding a unicorn, but abigail made sure everyone knew she was the actual unicorn. and miss mailie was the adorable snow white, which i still have to get pictures up from. 
so here we are, nerds, a unicorn, and snow white.

 me and my babes.

we had quite the comical moment when abigail was trying to give a chinese woman a grammar lesson, trying to say unicorn. abigail kept trying to teach her, "no, it's U-ni-coRN, not Unic-On". i wish you all could be there. eventually she looked to josh and said, "she can't say it right" and moved on.


  1. How did the Chinese woman feel about the lesson? I hope she was able to laugh, that is funny.

    Cool unicorn costume and the $3 price makes it even cooler.

    1. Megan when is Maile's bd and Adyson? We were jsut talking here about bds and we may have missed Maile's. Koen is the last bd we have listed.
      I think you all looked awesome for halloween.
      we are axnious to see you all in Dec.

    2. Mailie's birthday is November 20th (tomorrow) and Adysen's birthday is December 30th :)


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