wyoming & new callings...


a few weeks ago, josh and i received new callings! and though life seems like it's about to get a lot busier with them (on top of schooling), we are both excited, and loved to be used where we are needed in the ward.
josh is now the ward financial clerk. he's being trained, so technically he is the asst. right now, but then will take over from there.
and i am now the primary secretary. i was excited when i found out what part of the presidency i was asked to be, because i am an organizer and love to do so, so it seemed fitting for me. and while i will truly miss relief society and the enrichment it gave me each and every sunday, i am excited about this new calling, and how it will help me grow. i also love seeing abigail in there :)
this is the first time since being married that josh and i will not be in sunday school together, but at least we have sacrament! our sundays have already gotten busier. but again, it's a blessing to be used where needed!
at the end of october, we got some wonderful news! my parents are moving back home to meridian!! they've been in wyoming the past few years, and boy are we ecstatic about having them closer again, and being back HOME! 
my dad was released at the beginning of november, so we made a surprise trip so we could be there :) it was nice to spend some time with my dad/grandpa. my mom had to be in missouri, so we missed her, but we are all going to have plenty of play time in december for christmas!
and now...photos.

i just like how mailie looks like she's giddy and running away. because she is giddy and running away of course.

poor abigail. we made smoothies, and apparently they were mighty thick, so she tipped it back, and it all came flying out...on her face. she sat there still, confused about what just happened. hard not to bust up laughing.
 this was abigail's first time shooting. she had grandpa's help of course. she's giving a thumbs up because this is where she shot the table we were shooting off of. always leaving her mark ;)

 this my friends, is good exercise.
dad: the sloth
josh: emerging butterfly
meagan: just a good ab workout
 bottom right: josh is a handy man. truly, i think he could go into the business. he can fix anything, from things in the home, to your car, to shoes...really, anything. and he loves to do it. easy or hard. if you need something fixed, call josh. he's awesome.
 i am amazed as to dottie's patience with abigail. it's like they have a connection. with mailie, not so much. that might have to do with all the tugging of hair and firm grasps. but she sure let abigail just drag her around. i mean, look how thrilled dottie looks ;)
 josh and i both got bulls eye's. perhaps this is no big deal to some of you shooters, but for me, i was excited. especially since it was crazy windy.


  1. Poor Abigail's smoothie face, but yeah, I would have been laughing, too.

    I don't know what we'd do without our amazing secretary! I'm sure you will be just as indispensable to your presidency, after the president the secretary does the most work! What a time to get that new calling, with having to figure out all the new classes for next year! (BTW, I loved being secretary years back because I got to pick my kids teachers - hope you get that perk, too!)

  2. It sort of surprised me that this is the first time you and Josh haven't been able to go to Sunday School together since being married... this is the first time Jon and I get to go regularly together. We've always had callings that either kept one or both of us out.
    Abigail's smoothie incident really made me laugh.
    I'm in love with Mailie's smile.
    And I love the shots of you guys playing on the play set!

  3. It looks like you exercise more at Mom & Dad's that I do. I am impressed with some of those poses. :) Oh man, Rees would be jealous of the shooting, very cool.

    I love the primary. I hope you love being in there as much I as I did.

  4. the smoothie cracked me up!!! you guys are super cool on the swingset! congrats on the new callings; keep the faith!!!


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