do headbands give anyone else headaches? every time i try wearing one, i end up getting a headache, and my temple hurt. just curious if anyone who reads my blog experiences the same thing?

how are you all doing?

josh and i are officially registered and ready to go for school in january! life will be interesting with both of us in school, homeschooling, being parents, church callings, work, etc etc. but it'll all work out. 
josh is doing the byu-i pathway program. we're excited and anxious to see where it leads. and for those who don't know, i am doing the psychology program at usu. i am so grateful for online classes, and complete programs that are online. without them, i wouldn't be able to continue school, which is very important to me. so here's hoping i can manage three classes!

in just a few days we are heading to idaho for the holidays, for a couple weeks. we are really excited because our entire family will be there for the first time in quite a while. it will be great to have us all together. it will be a good vacation, especially right before we head right into a busy 2013. 

there has been a lot on my mind lately, and lots i would like to write about, but i need to gather all my thoughts first. so i'll get there :)

one side note. i've been wicked excited about abigail starting to read! she's picking up on it quickly, and i get so giddy as she learns more and more. so i'm just really proud of her. 

and miss mailie. at her 9 month appointment she was already tiny and off the charts in weight and just above average in height. at her year appointment, she is even lower on the weight chart, but jumped up to 75% in height. listen, i nurse this girl 6+ times during the day and try to plump her up, but she's just burning every single calorie, and then some ;) she is healthy though, and nothing to worry about, but i will be grateful when she decides to take on some fat, because it will help her sleep at night ;) but boy is she still the happiest little thing.
 abigail got her 4 year shots, and it made me cry to see her crying. there is a reason josh comes to the appointments. i need the support ;) 
both girls are healthy, and happy. so i am happy.



  1. I am with you there on the headbands- ever since I was little they hurt! My mom wonders why I complain and won't wear them. :)

    Wow, both going to school? That's great!

    Merry Christmas to your family!

    1. Is this Trisha Fulmer? I can't tell by the profile pic:)
      We probably sound a bit crazy with all the schooling about to happen in this family ;)

    2. Yes, it is! Even though I left the ward I still saved your blog on my google reader.
      not crazy at all- Caleb is going back to school and not working, and my job is having me fly all over the country this spring.
      So maybe we're all crazy and someday the craziness will end!

    3. Oh my goodness lady, you are going to be a busy woman, too! How is your little Simon doing? Do you guys have a blog as well?

  2. I hope Josh likes the Pathways program! We're so excited to have Brad start as an official BYU-Idaho student in a few weeks! WooHoo!!

    And, yes, headbands also give me headaches, I can usually only wear them for an hour or so. Ow!


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