i think my brain might explode...(an attempt to update)...


**revised...third video added at bottom of post**
currently, i am pretty tired, mentally. my eyes hurt from the abundance of reading. three classes might have been a crazy idea, but i want to get in as much as i can in the next few semesters. and it feels really good to be learning! i am not sure if my brain can take in all the information i am reading, in such a condensed period of time, but i sure hope it sticks! 
my classes are going really well, though, and i am really happy to be in school :)
life feels a bit non stop. i am trying to figure out the best organized method to our day. i enjoy organizing, but if i could just get a week, or even a few days, all to myself, to just get all the organizing done that i need to. that would be fantabulous :)
 abigail's reading is going great! she is picking up on it really well, which makes us giddy. she also shows quite the interest in art, and we love seeing her artwork.
josh started pathway byu-i, and that too, is going well. though he has expressed envy of my u.s. constitutions class ;) we're just a family of homework!

i am now going to attempt to catch up on this blog:

we went to idaho for the holidays, and it was wonderful. too many nights staying up till 2am or so, which wasn't the smartest idea, but really, we don't get much time to hang out and talk with our siblings too often. so it was worth it. i especially loved seeing all of the cousins together they had a great time together, running wild.

our family started a new tradition, where we have a special breakfast dessert, in honor of jesus' birthday. this is done before any gift opening, to start the day off, remembering what the true meaning is. it was a bit more chaotic with such a huge family ;) but still a tradition we intend to keep.
we sang happy birthday to jesus, and the kids got to blow out candles.

santa clause came to visit, and the little ones were not a huge fan. this seems to be common among all little babes. sorry i don't have pics of ALL the grandkids. i hope parents got photos with their cameras.
random photos: mailie loved "big baby". and i loved seeing the cousins (not all are present) at the 'kid table'. they were laughing so hard, and having a blast with one another, just like the adults were at 'big table'. i hope to have many occasions like this, in the future.
abigail is always wanting to do artwork, which I love.
and james and abigail were attacking grandpa, vice versa. at one point, in order to get james free, abigail chowed down on some celery, to give her strength ;)

we also had family photos taken. i'm excited to see them, especially the ones with the grandkids. they were definitely spent after quite a few photos. at one point, some of us mommies had to hide behind the counter...out of sight, out of mind...that was the hope, anyways.
more random photos: mailie in the sink has become a common occurrence.
my mom had a scavenger hunt for gifts. unfortunately she was sick, but thank you for planning it, mom!
and rees played his violin (that allison made out of cardboard...awesome) for the talent show. it was fabulous.
josh entertained us all with his many looks. these are a few.  i missed a pic of the handle bars.
photo on the left is mailie, last year. photos on the right are from this christmas. tiny child still fits in that stocking :)
we had a family derby race, which i thought was quite enjoyable.

here are abigail and mailie, at our family talent show:

to finish up our vacation, the bodily plague of 2013 hit. i believe everyone was hit with some kind of sickness, many of us taken down by the flu. by new years eve, abigail and i were out. but hey, we start 2013 with stronger immune systems ;)

this is as much catching up as i can do, for now.
hope everyone is doing fantastically well.


  1. Love the idea of a derby race as a family- good competition game!
    Sounds like things are going well for you guys. Awesome!

    1. Trisha...do you have a blog, as well?

  2. thanks for taking time to do a blog post, this was fun to look back and remember all the fun we had!

  3. sounds like a FAB holiday!

  4. I love the family pictures. Those ggrandchildren are the best. Such precious moments spent with cousins. We enjoyed watching them all. Thanks for being such awesome parents and teaching them the gospel and the love that Heavenly Father have for each of them. We are so blessed to know our Havenly Father and our Savior His son.
    Isn't wonderful that we have the true church and I am so grateful for my membership in it.
    Love to you all.
    Gg and gr Melvin and Joyce


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