(camping in the mountains. my last day in france)

in 2004 i was given the opportunity to move to nice, france, to be an au pair (nanny) for the lorenzi family. it was an amazing experience and one i will cherish my entire life. the lorenzi's are such amazing people. warm, loving, caring, funny, and just all around good.
i tended to berengere, who brought me endless smiles and laughter. i especially loved when she would laugh, because it filled the room with peace and happiness. her laugh and her sounds reminded me of my brother's; he passed away when i was younger.
last week the lorenzi's told me that berengere had passed away. she died on february 5, 2013. coincidently, that is exactly 9 years, to the date that i arrived in france. for the past few years i have wondered when i would get this news. it is bittersweet. i had hoped i would be able to visit the lorenzi's again and see berengere. i had hoped i would get to introduce her to josh and my girls. but as sad as i am that i don't get to share that experience with them here on earth, i am so grateful to know that i will get to after this lifetime. i am so grateful and happy for her to be free from all disability and pain and to be with our heavenly father again. she was very much loved here on earth. any one could see how much monique loved her, especially. and now berengere gets to watch over them and do her work. i know this. what a special spirit she was here on earth, and continues to be.
i feel very blessed and lucky to have shared part of my life with the lorenzi's and berengere, especially. i am very grateful to know that families can be together forever, and that this family will be together, forever.

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  1. so sorry to hear you lost such a sweet friend. what did she have?


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