last week was my spring break. and oh was it delightful :) it was nice to have the week to just relax with my family, at home. because lately i have felt very busy, and i don't like feeling that way. i do not like this word. i think too many take pride in this word, as though it makes them more accomplished. there is actually a talk by President Uchtdorf about this. i loved every word of it, and think many could learn from it. you can read it HERE, if you'd like. 
i just feel like many are missing out on wonderful opportunities of friendship, missionary moments, service, and just plain fun, because they are choosing to be "busy", and finding excuses to make them so.
let me be clear, there are many men and women who have to be busy, and not because they want to. i feel for them, and hope that things can become less so, for them.

i always want people to know that i am available, that i can be counted on and depended on. i like to help people, and hope to do as much of it as i can. and i don't like the idea of having to tell someone i am too busy. it feels like i am saying "i am too busy for you". i never want any of you to feel that way! i don't want to miss out on opportunities of friendship, missionary moments, service, or fun. most of all, i don't want to miss out on moments with my husband and little girls.

motherhood alone is a busy job. and school has definitely up'd the busyness around this home. i love being back in school. i love learning, and getting a tiny bit closer to that degree. i also love that abigail is witnessing how important it is for us to get an education. she wants to be doing homework like her mommy and daddy, and is always excited about school. i look forward to the day she gets to witness both of our graduations. for me, graduation will be quite awhile from now, and that's okay. one thing i have learned from this semester is that 3 classes is too much. it is taking time away from my girls, and that is not acceptable to me, not when i actually have a choice (again, i know some out there don't). 

though it does feel like the right time to be in school again, i think i need to minus a class. so next semester i will be lightening the load a bit. because being busy does not feel like a "badge of honor", to me. my badge of honor would be knowing that people around me (my family being #1) can count on me, trust me, and depend on me. i hope and pray they feel that way. 
and maybe, once the semester is over, i will be able to keep this blog a little better updated, eh? :)

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  1. I think its awesome that you are furthering your education and that your children can witness that it is important to their parents to do so too. I very much understand what you're saying about being busy makes some feel accomplished. I have many times felt that way. Otherwise, I have felt I must not be doing enough. But I am grateful for the reminders that I am still doing a great job, even if I'm not making myself 'busy'.


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