conquering an ocd issue...


so first of all i was finally able to mark in my scriptures yesterday. what?? i know, i read my scriptures daily, so you would think this happened years ago. but because i have a need for things to look perfect i couldn't risk making a mistake while marking. i used to write my favorite verses in a notebook, and then the blessing of the digital scriptures came around, so i could 'highlight' those. josh's scriptures are beautiful, he has wonderful pictures he has drawn that correlate with the story, and things written all over, in an organized manner. i love them. so though mine will never look like his, i am excited i was able to get over my ocd and just do it! silly, i know.

so my first marked scripture was 3John 1:4...

i love this scripture. these girls came into our lives and have absolutely changed us for the better. we weren't falling off the wagon by any means, but we had no idea how they would, and continually mold us. some of you might be thinking that parenthood has turned you into a monster, testing your patience and at times, your insanity. believe me, i have had those days myself. but i bet your little babes have made you better in many ways! these little angels can help us understand what is truly important...helping His children return to him. 
at the end of the day, whatever struggles we have, the stresses, the worries, the dreams that may seem impossible...none of those compare to the desire for our girls to return with us to our heavenly father. 

 teaching them what is right, modeling what is right so they can see we are trying to live what we preach. 

these girls make us want to be the absolute best people we can be, to try our hardest, to focus on what heavenly father needs us to focus on, to forget about our desires, and focus on His. 
truly, nothing will bring us as much joy as our girls walking in truth.

i hope you are all having a fantabulous day.

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  1. i think we are opposites on this issue, i love a really warn marked up set of scriptures. it makes feel like they were well used, truly feasted upon. Well online highlighting does seem pretty perfect for people like yourself that feel weird about writing in books. I love that we can study the scriptures on the church site.

    sometimes i wish teaching was good enough because sometimes my actions aren't in tune with my beliefs but i do think modeling is the best teacher.


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