"do you want to play?"...


oh ladies (and gents, though i don't imagine there are many of you reading). i don't know how to play all day. goodness gracious i love my girls so much. as you all love your kids, as well. but it is hard keeping up with the amount of playing your children want to do. and that's a bummer to say! i don't feel like i can keep up with the imagination of abigail. and if you know abigail, you know how gigantic of an imagination she has. 
i love her imagination. and i'd like to know when in my life that amount of imagination started to diminish? why can't i imagine as well as she can? i know there are parents out there who can, and i envy you.

i feel like (with the two i've had) i'm a pro with newborn and 1 year old stage. up to 3 was great with abigail, so we'll see what happens with mailie. my newborns are great, and so far my 1 year olds are great. but the 3 1/2 - 4 year old stage is a bit different. 

on one hand it's awesome. it's great seeing the things she's learning, and using what she's learned, like reading, writing, math, ART...we love abigail's art, and an artist told us she is really good for her age! so we all know how fun it is to hear your child be complimented. it's fun to see your child succeed, and makes you giddy. i love that she can help, i love how witty and clever she is, i just love love love, her.
but on the other hand, it's hard. because some days when your cute, adorable, loving, 4 year old says, "do you want to play, mommy?", well, sometimes you just don't want to. and that's hard to admit for me. i want to want to play with her all day, but it's just not there. i honestly don't know how to play animals for more than 20 minutes. are any of you out there able to play for hours on end?

i wish there were kids her age around, but unfortunately that is not really the case. so i feel like it's entirely up to me to keep her entertained, and i feel like i am running out of steam. thank heavens warm weather is coming, because that makes a world of a difference! we could do the park, zoo, walks, for hours. it's tough feeling cooped up inside all day!

the homeschooling helps. she loves learning and doing what we have planned out, and i love teaching her. so it really helps with the hours of the day. but she also needs play time, and i feel like i am failing at that "course". 

abigail is a really good kid. she makes everyone smile, and is a friend to all. i love how happy and loving she is. i just really want to feel like i am that fun mom, for her! i want her to have memories of us playing together often. i feel like i am good at the outdoor play, but i'm not sure how to be the fun mom inside the home? i feel like i'm a crumby winter mom.

so how do you mothers make life exciting (without spending money on endless pinterest play projects) for your children when you can't just go outside all day? and by all means, if any of you have a well behaved  (doesn't hit, push, swear) 4 year old who wants to play, abigail is a pretty amazing friend :)

i hesitate writing posts like this because you never know how they will come across to readers. like i hope i don't sound like i just don't ever like to play with abigail, because i promise that is not the case. i also never like to sound like i am complaining. but i also know it's important for us to be able to be honest and reach out, in hopes of receiving help and comfort, and hopefully giving hope and comfort to others. for instance, maybe some of you are reading and thinking "it's nice to know i'm not the only one who feels this way" ;)


  1. i have no answer because this is where, if it was me, i'd be trying to get her into a charter school or something. but since your desire is to homeschool, then you're stuck! i can totally agree with you that playing can be soooooooooooooooooooooooooo boring! and when you suggest something to make it more fun, she won't do it. or at least that's my case. so all in all..... no answer for you. just telling you you're not alone!
    there have got to be some people in your stake her age?????

  2. sorry for the lack of punctuation and tack... i'm having a tough time writing on this thign

  3. I know I can relate, I don't always like playing pretend this and that all the time either. Which is why I'm grateful that my kids have each other and can play with each other, so nice!

    I would say, find friends for her. I am a big believer that kids need social interaction and that things like playgroups and play dates are great opportunities for learning and growth and FUN. If there aren't other kids in primary with whom you can set up play dates, maybe you can try to meet people at the park and create friendships that way. There is a boy in our ward, his best friend is a boy they just met one day at a park and the mom & grandma made sure to get each other's information and now they hang out at least once a week.

    Since you are homeschooling, maybe you can find sites where you can connect with other local homeschoolers. Many of my homeschooled friends had friends they met through such home schooling connections.

    But mostly, you probably just need to hear you aren't a bad mom for not wanting to play pretend for hours. You aren't. You are not alone. And it won't scar Abigail that her mom sometimes says no and she gets to brainstorm on how to occupy herself.


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