7 years...


saturday (may 18th), we celebrated our seventh wedding anniversary!
each anniversary, i remember every detail of that special day. from the time i woke up, to the actual sealing time, to passing out in the hotel because we were so exhausted! 
our anniversary was a delightful day, and always a reminder of how blessed i am to be with such a remarkable man.
the day was spent playing with our scrumptiously adorable girls.  

(photo by miss abigail)
then we dressed up and went to dinner, without the babes.
we tried the very much talked about Ruth's Chris. which is somewhat ironic considering we don't really eat meat these days. BUT, we have heard how amazing their steaks are and have wanted to see if they lived up to all the hype. so we shared a filet, and both agree that these are really good steaks. if you are looking for a great steak and don't care about the price, we'd tell you Ruth's Chris. so they were delicious. at the same time we weren't blown away, due to the fact that we aren't huge meat eaters. we weren't disappointed at all, though. meat lovers would very much enjoy them.
what we LOVED was the ahi tuna, and the berries and sweat cream. yeah, we would go there again and again to order these two things. crazy delicious. i'm getting hungry thinking about it.

happy 7th anniversary to my very best friend! my life is better with you in it.

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  1. Abigail did a really great job on that picture and those berries look yummy!


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