eesh, april kind of few by and i didn't post a thing, so here is a quick review, through photos...though if you follow me on instagram, you would have already seen these...

no matter what, mailie ends up pretty naked.
 we enjoy the library, very much. i also enjoy that we live near one of the quieter libraries, so the kids area isn't flooded with other children. these two were having quite the blast together.
 my little bro's and his fiance, paige, came to slc for conference. it was really nice getting to know her :) and she and abigail made bracelets together, which abigail was very ecstatic about. hers came out pretty adorable. thank you, paige! 

finally warm enough to feed the birds. abigail has been asking since we were last able to go, before winter arrived. so she was very happy. mailie was content just eating the bread.
 it's so nice having warm weather again, which equals picnics, parks, and lots and lots of outdoor play.
 while at citycreek, josh decided to play hide and seek...i found this. it made plenty of onlookers laugh.
 abigail wanted to do it, too.
 one night we found abigail in bed, and she had attempted to put on eyeliner and mascara. i'm just thrilled it wasn't all over her face.
 i turned 28. since my actual birthday was on sunday, we had our traditional breakfast at The Original Pancake House (not to be confused with IHOP, no thank you) on saturday. i could eat their crepes every day.  josh invented a really delicious pasta sauce, that we had that night, as well. 
on my actual birthday i got to sleep in! parents, you know how fabulous this is.
 josh's yummy pasta.

that's all i have for the moment. hopefully i'll be more on top of things now that things are a little more calm.

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  1. It is always fun to see and read what has been happening with the Biggers. You are a happy family - what a blessing.


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