a little bit of what's been going on...


i am currently in the middle of planning the entire year of homeschool! i am just waiting for a couple of workbooks to arrive, and then i'll have all i need to get my schedule completely put together. we've decided to go with a year round schedule, which i'm excited about. so that is keeping me pretty busy right now, but it's a good busy.

abigail started dance!! we have both been counting down the days. she's taking the creative dance class, and she looks adorable in her bright pink leotard. something i love about miss abigail is how artistic she is, so i think this will be really great for her. i love the picture of them sitting down,with abigail standing out in that bright pink.
kaylee sent abigail sabrina the ballerina, and this made her day even more exciting. it arrived just as we returned home from her first class.

a couple weeks ago i got to meet up with my friend, mandy, her adorable kids, and mother. it was really nice to visit, since it has been years! the kids hit it off, and i only wish we lived closer so they could play like we did when we were little. it was fun for me to see this picture, i realized that mandy has been my longest friend and many of my fondest memories are of us playing around. so it's neat to see our girls together here.

for a cheap and fun activity, make a loom. i even found it enjoyable. i would actually love a real loom. but these cardboard ones are great for what we needed...some peace and quiet :)

for a family day, we decided to treat ourselves to some desserts at one of our favorite spots, gourmandise. sitting on the patio, eating baguettes with butter, and delicious french desserts. takes me right back there. all four of us were as happy and relaxed as could be.

abigail the explorer. mailie the sunbather.

and i just love this photo.


  1. Love it all! I am getting geared up for planning our year as well. You and Mandy are adorable. Love her pregnant belly:) I agree with Becky--it is a good life!


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