dreaming of the coast...


my hunk of a man is from new england, and though he does not miss the snow that its winters bring, he does miss the endless beauty, history, culture, and the ocean. oh the ocean. both of us were made for the ocean and the peace it brings. just the sound of the crashing waves relaxes us. we dream of living near a warm beach one day.
josh lived in the south for a couple of summers before we got married, and fell in love. particularly with north carolina. not only is it green and lush, but it's warm, humid, and has warm sandy beaches...all of which we love. one con for me are large bugs, especially cockroaches. i have no desire to have those things anywhere near me. no worries for the husband, "we will make sure to spray". this is true, and if there is one person i can trust to make sure things are done properly to be rid of them, it's josh. but i have a feeling i'll still see one now and again.
moving there is his dream, and i really want it to come true for him. especially after all he has done for us, and gone through. so i'm willing to put up with a large bug for it...i think ;)
whenever that day comes (perhaps after he graduates), i look forward to seeing the excitement on his face as we drive into that southern territory that he'll finally be able to call home. and if we're really lucky, we'll have a second home in the northeast for endless amounts of maine lobster, and those gorgeous autumns ;)
until then, josh will continue to convince me of how happy i'd be there through pictures like these...

North Carolina - like a jungle. It would be nice to breath fresh air again.
Carolina beach - it would be so nice to be running around on this right now,
building sand castles with the girls.
Georgia country - if not Carolina, this is Josh's second choice. I feel happy
just looking at this photo.

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