sleep eating...


for your viewing entertainment...

mailie just had her 18 month check up...she's a whole 18lbs ;) we knew dimples was tiny, but we really thought she had hit the 20lb mark, especially since 20lbs is average for a 1 year old. 
her doctor isn't really concerned since her head is growing and she's healthy, active, and strong. she just burns every calorie that's taken in. she's pretty stinkin cute with her tiny little arms and legs and then her belly sticking way out.
 she still has a herniated belly button. i thought she just had an outie at this point, but apparently that might go away as she gets older. i'm kind of in love with that little belly button sticking out :) if you say, "beep", she pushes it. 

this photo makes me happy. abigail grabbed the Book of Mormon Reader along with the dvd's and said, "i need to watch the scripture movies so i can learn about them". that's awesome.
makes up for doing this to your sister this morning... 

this was a blend of mud, rocks, and sand. so it wasn't the easiest thing to get out of hair.

father's day photo with his girls. our favorite man! we are very blessed to call you Ours. 


  1. love the pic of josh and girls!

  2. Isla 'sleep eats' too! Thanks for the updates.

  3. I love the Father's Day picture and enjoyed the whole post. :)

  4. This is Jenna, but, A while ago, we got a video of Brynn sleep eating!


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