the "lost" cat...


let me take you through this...
abigail spots a friendly neighborhood cat, who likes to hang around the yard and our back door.

here, she is talking to it and trying to coax her out of the bush.

 now trying to reach for her, to "help" her out.

 you might thing this look of distress means she was swatted at. but rather, this is abigail feeling emotional because apparently the cat is "lost and doesn't know how to get home" and "she needs to help it"

 i finally convinced her to come up so i could explain to her that cat's can always find their way home. i even tried to tell her of when our cat had been gone for months, and returned one day like she had never been gone... didn't comfort her.

i had to work at not laughing, because this was totally me as a kid. i mean, her face is pitiful, and i felt for her because this was me at her age (and then some)...heck, it could still be me, if i knew the animal was actually lost. all i could do was picture mini meagan trying to convince those around me that this animal needs my help. the only difference is abigail wanted to help it get home, whereas i would have tried to keep it, at her age.

i think when she grows up, she can be my business partner and we can open that animal sanctuary i've always dreamed of.


  1. Awesome story and pictures!!! Definitely print this post off to share with her in the future. She's her mother's daughter for sure! :)

  2. When I was in Idaho I saw pictures of you Meagan and it was like seeing Abigail. She definitely has some of her mom in her, inside and out.


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